Monday, 10 March 2014

Murdoch press smears UKIP very professionally

I guess its a case of he who lives by the smear dies by the smear and Rupert does not like or want Farage. Rupert is a man of sound judgement. You don't build up a media empire like his without real talent.

Many are old stories like UKIP asks their MEPs to contribute £10k each to party funds. This ran in the Times as infringing EU rules. It does not provided it comes from their large MEP salary.

Then in yesterday's Sunday Times we have,

It’s “Carry On politics”, according to one former member of staff. Nigel Farage is trying to tighten up the operation of his party but insiders say that it is “impossible to professionalise the Kippers”.
Even Kirsten Farage, the leader’s wife, has admitted to colleagues that it is a “work environment that takes some getting used to” and described the Ukip operation, privately, as a freak show.

Where is Annabelle these days?
Another from the Times,

They call it the Gadfly Dinner. The wine flows freely when Nigel Farage and his MEPs hit Strasbourg once a month. The get-together, which takes place during the European Parliament’s regular sessions in the city, is usually held atPierre-Bois et Feu, a restaurant described as “classique” in the Michelin Guide. It has become such a tradition that men are required to wear a special tie
Farage books the whole restaurant and the wine flows as a tribute to Cameron's gadflies and cranks comment on UKIP.
Finally from the Times of 10th March:
Fringe parties rarely matter in British politics. Small parties find it hard to break through an electoral system that gives them no help. For many years the United Kingdom Independence Party (Ukip) has been in that category but it is no longer. The time has arrived to take Ukip seriously and it is already clear that Ukip will not come out of the encounter well.
Farage better remember this is Rupert Murdoch who always wins. The salacious stuff will come in the Sun.
Max Clifford is currently on personal business in Southwark crown court so he wont br available for Mr Farage. That leaves Gawain if the Green Knight is not giving him too much trouble.
Looks like a typical Farage set up.


ALAN WOOD said...

I have a very revealing book called "Who's Who of the Elite" - an expose of the efforts to expand the NEW WORLD ORDER with the USA at its head.

This is also referred to in Tony Blair's book NEW BRITAIN in the context of the failure of the Labour Party to (initially) recognise the New World Order and its influence in supporting the emerging EU.

People should know that Denis Healey (Labour) and Kenneth Clarke (Conservative), both Chancellors of the Exchequer, were not only active members of the BILDERBERG GROUP, a part of the NWO, but organisers.

I suppose you can call this New World Order the battle of the extreme Capitalists over the extreme Nationalists of both right and left.

MURDOCH is a major player in the New World Order, as are all of the right-wing press. The left-wing press favours Labour but this is the minor in-fighting of support for the man in the street over the aristocracy who had all the land and money. The New World Order is the new aristocracy - the international Banks and businesses who now control our money.
Labour, Conservative & Lib-Dem are all on the same side here.

This is why the likes of Iran, North Korea, China, Russia are disliked by the ELITE because they are not within the control of the ELITE despite efforts to break into the RUSSIAN and CHINESE commercial world.

Countries like Britain with nationalists like UKIP are also to be squashed - they represent a danger to the control of the Elite who need geopolitical EU muscle to offset Russia, China and their "friends". Farage's way of doing things should suit the NWO - what are they afraid of ?

However, the EU has proved a weakling in the face of Russia so expect moves to strengthen the "Defence" capability of the EU.

Anonymous said...

I take this post as a commentary on how dangerously powerful the corporate-media cabal has become.

Eric Edmond said...

Thank God the EU does not have an army or we would belooking at WWIII

ALAN WOOD said...

In answer to Anonymous the answer is YES.
If a geopolitical bloc controls the resources to wage war they probably will at some time or other, as did Germany twice in Europe, North Korea/China in Asia, USA/UK in the Middle East (Iraq).
Without the technology of tame major manufacturers (state or commercial) they are unlikely to win.
It is probable that in the Western World the link is masonic/Round Table at various levels.

It is never said that the unification of Europe to create a major wealthy ally of Europe is not to prevent war in Europe but to neutralise or match the resources of Russia or China to wage WWIII.

The EU would probably regret UK being out of the loop but if UKIP succeed in their nationalist mission I'm sure that the EU would continue without us. But the pressure to stop that happening will be enormous.

Anonymous said...

Alan, I was referring to Dr Edmond's post. As to the NWO, I'd suggest it goes deeper than Alice's rabbit hole by a full measure and a half.