Friday, 28 March 2014

Nikki on the Daily Politics

Nikki got a really hard time from AN  on today's show. What is going on? AN dd not want to hear about Nigel's alliances with the nasty mid-European fascist parties in Brussels. He accused Nikki of being a bad loser and worse of being right wing! If that were true Farage would adore her. Nikki is left wing! AN's researchers must know this so why did AN use it? There is something going on. The Beeb are bigging up Farage to knock him flat. But when and how?


ALAN WOOD said...

It's the job of interviewers to test your ability to defend your position. Never be fazed by a hard question - they are giving you a chance to make your case.
The interviewer is expecting a "put-down".

Typical might be :- "isn't it the case that you are a gay man and approve of same sex marriage."

Answer - "nothing could be further from the truth. What evidence do you have of such a silly statement, I am not a homosexual and I disapprove of young people being given the idea that stuffing your todger up another person's arse is normal.
Nature built us to have vaginal sex with women.

Are women now to have to accept that being "married" carries the obligation to take one up the arse ?

Love has many definitions. I can "love" my horse or my father.
It does not mean that I wish to bugger either. That people "love" each other for their kindness, consideration and support is normal but "marriage" must mean a commitment to male-female natural sex.

If two shirt-lifters want to indulge their behaviour I do not accept that it equates to heterosexual marriage.

Eric Edmond said...

The other statement Nikki made was a claim Farage had assaulted her. Either very brave or very stupid.