Saturday, 29 March 2014

Who will be UKIP's next leader?

It is now clear the Beeb media are cooking up something career terminating for Nigel. What it is and when it will come they are keeping under close wraps. When it happens UKIP is going to need a new clean leader pronto so not to soon to consider the options.

Nigel has eased out all people of real talent in UKIP as he perceived them as a threat to his position. There is a dearth of talent in the cabal and they will probably also be unclean and too closely tied to Farage. The shocking fact is that much of the best leadership talent for UKIP has been kicked out of the party by the cabal sycophants. What's left, Nuttall and Crowther simply will not cut the mustard. Remember what happened last time with Pearson a man Farage endorsed as leader who then admitted on national TV he did not know what was in the Bannerman written UKIP general election maniifesto.

I give you 3 people who would do a good job as leader, deputy leader and communications director.

Chris Pain, a proven election winner, a good guy kicked out of UKIP by Farage's cabal.

Del Young, a long term UKIP activist originally from St Vincents and the most politically perceptive person I have met in UKIP but kicked out by Nuttall.

Patrick O'Flynn the new kid on the block, former Daily Express journo, well educated, articulate, intelligent and pleasant.

What no wimmin? Not for leader etc but Diane James and Suzanne Evans should be given  high profile positions and lots of TV exposure. Its a given that UKIP will do very well in the coming Europeans so the BBC will have to give UKIP miuch higher presence on QT, Daily Politics etc for which these ladies are well suited. I don't think they are Maggie Thatchers quite yet. Women like Jill Seymour and Lisa Duffy should be kept in their box and off the TV and Radio as much as possible.

Its time to let the UKIP dinosaurs fade into extinction and let Mr Farage go off to head his lucrative right wing pan-European party in Brussels.


ALAN WOOD said...

This week could make or break Farage; 7.30 on Monday on CH4 and the 2nd leg of the Farage v Clegg debate (presumably 7pm on Wednesday on Sky news).

Eric Edmond said...

Yes. The C4 prepublicity indicates it will big up Farage as the cheeky chappie of British politics but things could come badly unstuck against Clegg.

The Boiling Frog said...

"It is now clear the Beeb media are cooking up something career terminating for Nigel."

Yes, spot on...

Sean O'Hare said...

If it is anything like the trash that the BBC usually cook up then it will fall flat on it's face or rebound spectacularly.

ALAN WOOD said...

Fortunately, few people watch politics.

Conversely, the newspapers will use anything they can to add to any pain.

BBC/ITV news add to the detritus.

Farage will need to use his Houdini skills to get out of this week unscathed.