Monday, 31 March 2014

Farage v Clegg round 2

This will be chaired by leading EU lover Dimblebore plus audience packed with LibDems primed by the BBC with Farage destroying questions. I expect Farage's views he aired last week on Vlad the impaler will figure large. I can only offer Farage a joke from the US CPAC conference:
"Who's a worse president? Barack Obama, or Vladimir Putin?"
My favourite answer? 
"Barack Obama should consider making Vladimir Putin his Defence Secretary".

 Many a true word is spoken in jest.

Last time I felt Farage was pulling his punches. He should not hesitate to call Clegg a liar when he tells lies which happens all the time. A poll asked  what single word would you associate with political leaders. For Clegg the most popular response was liar. Its the way his eyes glisten with insincerity, just like Tony Blair that gets me.

I hope he goes in armed with loads of UK EU trade stats, immigration stats but his main pitch should be to wrap himself in the Union Jack sprinkled with  fairplay and appeal to the heart.

Just watched England being rolled over at cricket by the Dutch. Is this a bad omen given Clegg is half Dutch?

I expect there will be a planted question on a totally new topic that will be difficult for Farage to handle. Clegg will of course have been tipped off about this question. That's the BBC's idea of fair play.

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