Monday, 31 March 2014

Farage flattering C4 documentary tonight

To say it concentrated on puffing Farage is an understatement. I enjoyed it. It was good fun and clearly he has wowed the media to the extent that Yasmin Ali Baba seemed to be calling for the media to ration Farage's appearances. Farage clearly has her and her LibDem friends rattled.

The best bit was in Strasbourg with its huge plethora of unaccountable EU organisations which no one seems to understand what they do. The all seem to have plush new expensive offices. Farage did brilliantly exposing this.

All in all this was a huge boost for UKIP in the forthcoming European elections.


ALAN WOOD said...

What a surprise - finding Farage being given positive air time.

This part of my observations on EUReferendum :-

It was worrying ! The programme on Farage last night was almost a hymn of praise from a former left-wing journalist.

He reminds me of several other people in politics; Dennis Skinner, George Galloway & Tony Benn who were all mavericks who were prepared to take on the establishment and were often right. The one thing that marks them all is their inability to form an effective, mobilised team of supporters.

Farage is becoming like the Kylie Minogue of The Voice, the Nigella Lawson of Cooking or the Emma Watson of Harry Potter - fluffy, glamourous, sexy, TV fodder for the masses.

The "establishment", the "elite", the "New World Order", "Internationalists", call them what you like, are not going to readily give up their control of events and especially their control of wealth. They are probably reaching the stage where they do not care about Farage and his love of money, glamour and a louche lifestyle funded by the very institution he despises.

They see him as a loner without a "pot to piss in" as far as his organisation is concerned. UKIP is a mudslide waiting to happen because it has no roots in the form of a well-organised party structure containing competent people.

Anonymous said...

"Yasmin Ali Baba seemed to be calling for the media to ration Farage's appearances"
I am glad that she has come out as a fascist.

ALAN WOOD said...

The Fascist Movement of Mussolini started among the Socialists, Hitler was a former Socialist supporter, Lenin & Stalin were Socialist/Communist.
Ed Balls would be another goggle-eyed goon given half-a-chance.

Then we have the people in Goldman Sachs, Persimmon (today), and other Capitalist creatures in the Banks and City of London , pocketing everyone's savings and pensions.

I'm no God-botherer but that Jesus Christ guy saw the same 2000+ years ago when he reputedly overturned the tables of the moneylenders. What would Putin have made of him ?

It's a wicked world and Yasmin Ali Baba is a fluffy bunny by comparison in this merry-go-round, goldfish bowl of TV-land. She's not a big fish - she's not even a fish !

Eric Edmond said...

Alan, There is an excellent review of the programme in the Telegraph TV critic's column headlined, "So cloying even UKIP fans would have found this sickly". No interviews with his mum etc so no one close to Farage to tell the truth. No mention of mistresses on the payroll just wall to wall Farage sound bites.

I still feel there is a big nasty coming down the line and then what for the hollowed out UKIP? Err nothing.

ALAN WOOD said...

I'm sure you are correct.

I'm puzzled as to why CH 4 would want to give such a helpful programme to Farage. It's unheard of. They painted him as a saint.

I've always reckoned the BBC & CH 4 as pro LIB-DEM. Perhaps they are hopeful that he takes votes from Cameron and Miliband whilst Clegg gets an electoral boost as the "genuine" champion of the EU, taking votes from Miliband and Cameron.

Vince took a beating over Royal Mail today. The coalition and the media finished off his chances of Leadership.

Eric Edmond said...

Cable deserved it. He cost us 2bn. Time will tell with Farage

ALAN WOOD said...

There is something decidedly fishy going on !
In NEWSNIGHT tonight the Guardian journalist used kid gloves over a report on Peter Reeve and Lisa Duffy.
(I used to like Peter. Salt-of-the Earth type. Cleans the local toilet. Reminds me of Iain Sheldon in Wales who painted his van Purple and Blue but fell foul of the Faragista and was slung out).
I wonder if this is the extreme left/unions of the Labour Party helping UKIP to put pressure on Miliband who appears to be in trouble with the unions. Bob Crow was very anti-EU because of Poles and other EU countrymen taking jobs.

Eric Edmond said...

Bob Crow will be missed.