Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Daily Telegraph puts the boot in to Farage

I hate it when retired Generals etc come out with criticism of government policy which they implemented  enthusiastically when they were in post. Thus it is with Godders Bloom headline quoted in today's Telegraph as "Farage the salesman not up to leading Ukip says MEP Bloom". This is what I and many others have been saying when and where it mattered on the NEC etc. Bloom however happily went along with Farage having me, Del Young and others kicked off the NEC and out of UKIP. But now when the boot is being applied to Godders bum its a U turn. He is quoted as saying Farage is blocking young Ukip talent from emerging. Its not just young but all Ukip talent that is blocked by Farage and his cabal.

My position has always been pro Ukip and all its policies. If these came into conflict with Mr Farage's personal ambitions I always supported Ukip.

In today's edition the Telegraph run another anti-Farage piece written by Malcolm Rifkind, Edinburgh Jew boy and former pupil at George Watsons and Edinburgh University and my contemporary in place and time. Rifkind's piece is headlined, "Farage is a buffoon for admiring Putin". Rifkind goes on about how often Farage has featured on Russia Today, a TV channel  available free to all on UK digital TV. This is not quite fair as RT was for years the only TV channel that gave Farage airtime.

Also Rifkind should have made it clear that his ancestors were Lithuanian Jews who  emigrated to the UK in the 1890s, the time of the Russian pogroms, but such is the strength of Jewish family bonds he must have had relatives who were still living in Lithuania when the Russians ruled there so it is understandable he is no lover of Putin but he should consider what would have happened to his relatives had the Red Army not defeated Hitler in 1944/45.

Its not difficult to understand the timing of these two damaging articles. Today is Clegg v Farage round 2!

From today's Private Eye

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