Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Farage wins debate hands down

There were two polls conducted immediately after the debate. Both made Farage the winner by more than 2 to 1.

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There was some evidence of BBC bias with Clegg allowed to rabbit on and talk over Farage and once when Farage was talking they cut away to an audience member shaking his head in disagreement.

It was an excellent result for Farage and UKIP. Let us hope it is reflected in the European elections and the LibDems are wiped out.

Farage can strengthen his point on Putin by stating the truth that Putin effectively stopped war monger Clegg and my neighbour Ashdown getting more of our young men killed in a dispute which is none of our business and where our involvement would be counter productive.

Farage's killer point came at the end when he said, "Nick nobody believes you". That resonates with the UK public who asked for a single word to describe Clegg say liar.

The UK public want to hear UKIP's common man message and conversely don't want to listen to more careerist identikit politicians like Clegg.

Farage was clearly going after the white and Afro Carribean working class vote. I hope he succeeds.

Farage kept his cool, rose above the Clegg personal insults re his MEP salary and did himself and UKIP a power if good.

It would have been better to keep Nuttall off the TV and leave the talking to O'Flynn. Not everyone is enraptured by a scouse accent. I t has overtures of militant trade unionism. O'Flynn is also a whole lot smarter than Nuttall.


ALAN WOOD said...

BBC News at 10 did its usual trick of highlighting the good bits of Clegg and the lesser pieces of Farage.

The result of 2:1 Farage was justified.

He had better get some body armour in case a pro-EU nutter gets loose or the killers of Dr. Kelly decide he is the next Kennedy or Martin Luther King who may upset the plans of the Elite.

Eric Edmond said...

Plus the BBC vox pops to keep the BBC types in a job. What is the point of vox pops when you have not one but two opinion polls.

ALAN WOOD said...

Absolutely on the button.

The funniest part was not in the interview, even the "Nigel Mirage" by Danny Alexander whom I prophesy is destined for greater things, but the efforts of the Lib-Dem President to argue that black was white i.e. his man won.

By being so arrogant as to dismiss the opinion of the poll he must have undone any faith people have in the ability of the Lib-Dems to accept the democratic view; which is also the way that the EU operates.

He is due to give up the Presidency in 2015 - what a pity !

Eric Edmond said...

Yes indeed these careerists will argue black is white in all the LibConLab parties. They are supported by their tame media chums.