Friday, 21 March 2014

When is your next visit to Scotland Mr Farage?

I returned last night from a wet and windy Edinburgh where I was also deluged with requests from Scot Nats for Mr Farage to visit Scotland once more. Their view was his visits were vastly entertaining being locked in a pub etc but also did wonders for the SNP vote. Farage is exactly the sort of Southern English type the Scots love to hate.

In the words of the old Scots song,

"Will ye no come back again, will ye no comeback again
Better loved you canna be
Will ye no come back again"

The latest poll shows the SNP vote up to 40%. A couple more visits from Nigel should do it for wee Alec . Cameron of course is also doing his bit for the SNP cause along with Red Ed and Clegg the stranger to the  truth. The Scots just love the London metropolitan elite.

Big business is also doing its bit with the CEO of BAe today warning about the effect a \yes vote could have on Royal Navy shipbuilding on the Clyde. As one of the SNP remarked I guess they will now have all their warships built in Korea. Its a bit further away than Glasgow but the Ministry of Defence in Whitehall neither know nor care.

I was able to buy a copy of the best newspaper in Scotland, the Glasgow Herald. Their headline on one of Gideons cunning plans was headlined "Freeze on whisky tax viewed as bid to win No votes". Maybe a Mr Badger (aka A Darling)  idea?

The EU are also doing their bit for the SNP. Barroso comparing Scotland to Kosovo and native Scot on the gravy train Struan Stevenson Tory MEP linking Scotland with accession states like Bulgaria, Romania and Croatia.

If Scotland leaves the UK then the UK, set up by the Act of Union 1707 ceases to exist. England is not the UK so it will have to be granted fast track status back into the EU. Now some constititutional lawyers might see that as a significant treaty change with the EU requiring an English referendum. Think on that Mr F before mouthing off about the Scots referendum.

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Anonymous said...

Scotland is no longer relevant until the results of the referendum are known