Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Annabelle has Farage by the balls

I use the above title as a political metaphor and do not imply Annabelle has ever physically handled Farage's gonads. Fuller knows where all the skeletons are in Nigel's big cupboard and also where the many bodies are buried.

When on the NEC in 2008 when following the John West affair and the criticism of Fuller it generated, Whitaker, then UKIP chairman, wrote a letter assuring us that Fuller's involvement with UKIP was at an end. She eventually set up some sort of PR firm which helped by Farage's influenced let her  once more be involved at the heart of UKIP. We expected no less of Farage given how beholden he is to Fuller for political services rendered.

Annabelle has a tale to tell that the red tops would pay much gold for. Eventually money will triumph and the story will become public. Nigel will not be able  to keep her silent. The value of her tale is on the rise right now as Farage's star waxes. It will max out after the Europeans and before the 2015 General Election.

Nigel will have to keep Annabelle very, very sweet. Rather him than me.


ALAN WOOD said...

Rumour has it that she only has him by one "ball", the other having been removed as an infected item, much like Farage himself.

ALAN WOOD said...

This from Open Europe may be a little more excruciating :-

The European Parliament's Constitutional Affairs Committee and EU member states yesterday agreed on new rules governing EU-level political parties and foundations, including on eligibility for EU funding, reports European Voice. Only those parties that respect ‘EU values’ as set out in Article 2 of the Lisbon treaty will be able to register at European level.

Eric Edmond said...

I am not an expert on how Farage is hung.

Not surprised at EU move.