Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Farage post 22nd May part II

What are Farage's ambitions post 22nd May? Clearly getting the UK out of the EU will not figure on Nigel's to do list. His first priority will be to secure his seat on the red leather as Lord Farage of the  EU gravy train. Cameron will gratify this ambition if Nigel is a good boy.

Then he will wish to establish himself as leader of the right wing pan European party which will probably have in total 100 or so MEPs. This sort of position will bring much gold to Farage's IOM account and will increase his pension hugely. Nigel will be rolling in it.

Politically Nigel like Boris is bomb proof. Ordinary people love them because they are 'characters' they can relate to compared to the plastic interchangeable LibLabDem ex spads who would fit seamlesssly into Labour, Tory or Lib Dem parties. Their inner content is best summed up by a joke.

Three surgeons are discussing who makes the best patients to operate on. One says accountants, you open them up and everything is numbered. Another says electricians, you open them up and everything is colour coded. The last says you are both wrong, politicians make the best patients. You open them up and there is nothing there, no guts, no backbone nothing. Just a mouth and an arsehole and they are interchangeable!

That's what will be there if open up Cameron, Clegg or Milliband but what about Farage and Bojo? Answers please in my unmoderated comments box.

Public opinion is fickle. Today's good egg and character is tomorrow's idiot and will be shunned by all. BoJo has some talent which may see him through but it is difficult to see a man whose main props are beer and fags surviving.


ALAN WOOD said...

We have had people on this earth like Einstein whose understanding of mathematics was so brilliant that he foresaw the beginnings of the universe.
Mr. Higgs and his Boson came along.
Seekers and purveyors of the truth.
We get Huhne, Laws, Farage, Archer, Putin, Cameron, Clegg and Miliband who are so gruesome. All taking more than giving.
What a sick world we live in, and it has probably always been like this; the survival of the nastiest who take from others in a basic fight for survival, their own.

Eric Edmond said...

Indeed. I was taught by Peter Higgs in 1962.