Monday, 17 March 2014

So what will Farage do in Europe post 22 May?

Let us suppose UKIP has a brilliant result on 22 May and wins 35 MEPs, more than Labour, more than the Tories and mre than the Lib Dems who may only have 5 or so MEPs left. Then Farage has to get into bed with parties from other EU countries. That's the way the clever Eurocrats have set things up to turn us all, even NF, to be good citizens of the EU. How do they do that. Easy peasy , they bribe our political elite with our own money. If you join a pan national group you get more money and for the national party leaders its a huge amount. Its a system deliberately set up to reward the national political elites for obeying the Eurocrats in the EU commission. It works brilliantly.

So which way will NF go? He will follow the money, that is money for Nigel and the cabal. That will bring UKIP into political alliance with some very unsavoury right wing mid European groupings like Liga Nord, Free Finns etc. The LibLab UK media will have a field day hanging UKIP out to dry. Like last time Farage's MEP army will start to desert from day one and his new professional party will revert to its previous shambles just in time for the June 2015 General Election in which UKIP will win nil seats. Farage will keep his word and resign, write his memoirs and enjoy his huge EU pension. All of us who worked for UKIP to get us out of the EU will have been well and truely shafted. UKIP will stagger on but its chance to achieve something fo us in the UK will have gone pissed away by Farage and the cabal in the restaurants and flesh pots of Brussels.


The English Painter said...


ALAN WOOD said...


You are correct insofar as Farage will take the money.

Then we are in uncharted territory if UKIP and other anti-EU parties do well in the European elections.

What will be the reaction of the major parties in UK to humiliation over the EU. And what will be the reaction in the rest of the EU, not forgetting that it is becoming an organisation with a failing economy and high levels of unemployment.

Internationally, it has failed to help Ukraine hang on to the Crimea, but may gain West Ukraine as an EU country. Call that a draw.

The Tories will be pooping themselves at the thought that they may lose a lot of seats at the General Election because of UKIP. It is possible that some Tories like Carswell will defect to UKIP, even before the General Election. The Tories are not getting on top of the economy AND making voters feel better. They are in a terrible hole and will drag the L/S's down with them. A Labour win should be a shoe-in but Miliband may have erred over the EU referendum giving more support to UKIP.

There may be one UKIP MP, or even several, which will save Farage and leave him free to become king of the EU Independence Party and the UK Independence Party.

The tide is running in favour of the "outers" for a little while longer. Whether Farage and his cabal can make use of that remains to be seen.

In my mind, nothing is ruled out and nothing is ruled in.

Greg_L-W. said...


it is a good job someone wants Nigel Farage

it is interesting that Nigel Farage promised, on Andrew Neill's TV show on Sunday, that if he had employed a mistress it would be a matter over which he resigned.

We have the fact that there was a time when Farage had a sexual relationship with Annabelle Fuller, confirmed by Mike Nattrass & Nikki Sinclaire and I at least.

Let us set that aside, he also had Aurelie Laloux on UKIP/EFD payroll subsequent to his sexual relationship with her prior to passing her on to Paul Nuttall.

I personally have no faith in Farage's integrity, he sounds all too like Bill Clinton with weasel worded denials of sex and twisting meanings to suit!

So can we trust Farage to resign - as a leader, an MEP and as a member of UKIP?


ALAN WOOD said...

Whilst I deplore Farage's lifestyle, his deviousness & his lack of management ability the fact that UKIP is now a household word owes more to the fact that the public understand the dead hand of the EU and resent it.

Those of us who fought the good fight against EU domination have to support UKIP because it is all we have.

To some degree all other parties are the same in that they have a core vote who believe in what they think their party stands for.
Tories - business class, Labour - working class, Lib-Dems - environment, Greens - more enviromnment, SNP - independence, Plaid Cymru - independence.

Farage is a businessman with the persona of the working class and wants independence. He is bound to appeal to a mixed audience.

If I were the Party Leader I would be thinking "how can I portray UKIP as a party of Government ?" "How do I prise the dedicated followers of other parties away from their beliefs".

Clearly, they all have a differing point at which they will say that it is no longer possible to support my party - and switch.

What are the triggers ? The EU have been clever to find support from business - the Tory vote - from the Eenvironmentalists - the Lib-Dem vote. The obvious source of anti-EU votes is the working class fearful for their jobs and the young who are unemployed.

Farage has chased the Tory vote, primarily using the money of disaffected Tories. He needs to change course and generate a sense of hopelessness among Labour voters. Miliband has played into his hands by casting the Referendum into the long grass.

To kill off the Lib-Dems and Greens he needs a helpful Environmental policy. Scottish independence is not a war to get involved in. If England and Wales leave the EU and Scotland join it will be interesting !

Wales is too English to want full independence.

So, as much as I loathe Farage he is all I have for the moment and I will have to vote for UKIP.