Sunday, 16 March 2014

Farage gets another easy time from Andrew Neil. What is going on?

On a weekend when the Daily Mail ran the story below all Neil could come up with was patsy interview worthy of Marr.

I did employ my wife but she's off the pay roll in May, says Ukip's Nigel Farage who claims to work harder even than the PM

  • Ukip leader has denied claims he had both his wife and 'mistress' on his Brussels payroll
  • He conceded today that if he had it would 'probably be a resigning matter'
  • He and Annabelle Fuller vigorously deny affair claims

Something is going on but what? Why did Andrew Neil not put the direct question to Farage concerning his relationship with Annabele Fuller. Let Farage deny  it but then its on record.

Then in our local West country part William Legge, Old Etonian, gave an abysmal performance and was trounced by Lib Dem Graham Watson. Even the Tories are getting cold feet about Old Etonians but UKIP has one who is also an aristo. Talk about being out of touch with ordinary people.

I still think the Beeb are bigging Farage up to knock him down. Neil did get it on record Farage stating he would resign post 2015 General Election if UKIP did not get an MP. Job done for those of us who feel UKIP can never deliver us from the EU whilst Farage controls it.


ALAN WOOD said...

I saw a newsline on SKY today suggesting that UKIP are forecast to win the European elections.

It seems that publicity of any kind is useful !

Miliband has effectively said YES to more EU. Cameron has been "seen through" as if he were glass. Clegg is pro-EU and says so.

I expect the public to deliver their verdict on the EU and its support by the 3 major parties, despite the warts on UKIP.

Nikki Sinclaire may dent the UKIP vote in her region, as may Mike Nattrass.

Eric Edmond said...

Yes indeed Alan. UKIP will do very well in May. Its like a bull markrt in Farage with all his downsides and errors ignored by the media. When the bear market sets in watch out then only bad news will matter.

Greg_L-W. said...


Nigel Farage admitted to fraud on Andrew Neill's TV show when he denied cheating his coleagues by employing his wife against all his promises.

The fraud was in Farage's own word accepting money from the EU tax payers and then having obtained the money he decided to unlawfully fund UKIP political role with his wife Kirsten.

It is against EU law to take EU tax payers' money to fund party political activities.

When will Farage resign?