Friday, 14 March 2014

Its any cover up that is the real danger for Farage

It was the cover up that finished Huhne and long before that Nixon. Politicians are used to getting away with telling porkies however if these are found out and proven false then its usually terminal for their political career. UKIP's problem is that its future is inextricably linked with Farage's future. It is a one man band and the man is under severe attack by the media. The British media's favourite tactic is to build someone up so they can knock them down. This is what is now going on with Farage and it is a process that will run and run.

I never met Annabelle Fuller. She floated in and out of the NEC in 2008 as if by right. She was certainly extremely close to Farage and was undoubtedly protected by Farage over the loss of the laptop with confidential interviews and the cock and bull story she gave to Whittaker about how the taxi driver in whose cab she claimed to have left it returned it to her at her flat 2 to 3 days later. Taxi drivers are required to hand in property left in their cab to the police within 24 hours. She claimed the cabbie had found her address by reading files on her computer and that he therefore could have been the person who posted the confidential John Wesr interview on Youtube for all to see. There must have been 100 interviews on that laptop so why did the cabbie select John West's. John West was certainly giving Nigel Farage some problems at the time over selections for the Eastern region UKIP MEP slate.

Then there is the story of Kirsten Farage unsuccesfully searching HMS Belfast from stem to stern for AF at a UKIP fundraiser paid for by Jill Seymour's wealthry husband. La Seymour is now UKIP's no 1 candidate on the West Midlands slate a posiotion occupied last time by Natrass.

The person who would know most is good old Godders Bloom who shared a flat with NF in Brussels and the attendees at the regular EU financed gadflies boozy meal. In vino veritas and also in the plant pots.

This is the sort of story that brings out the best of UK investigative jounalism, particularly the Sun & Daily Mail plus of course the dear old Beeb. I hope for UKIP's sake Farage has been telling the whole truth.


ALAN WOOD said...

The organisers of the 2010 election campaign went to a Kensington hotel to hear about the manifesto by Campbell-Bannerman. What a disaster. I thought to myself - "I'll never remember that if questioned by the Press". Neither did Lord Pearson !

At some point we adjourned to a local pub - we being Farage, Page and a few others. We sat outside as the pub had a terrace. When we arrived I was surprised to find Farage already accompanied by a young woman - whether it was Fuller is conjecture.

Another anecdote - Pleased to hear that the ship I saved from the scrapyard when a young engineer Civil Servant - HMS Belfast - came in useful as a UKIP cocktail bar.

Eric Edmond said...

Very interesting!

Greg_L-W. said...


it is interesting that Nigel Farage promised on Andrew Neill's TV show on Sunday that if he had employed a mistress it would be a matter over which he resigned.

We have the fact that there was a time when Farage had a sexual relationship with Annabelle Fuller, confirmed by Mike Nattrass & Nikki Sinclaire and I at least.

Let us set that aside, he also had Aurelie Laloux on UKIP/EFD payroll subsequent to his sexual relationship with her prior to passing her on to Paul Nuttall.

So can we trust Farage to resign - as a leader, an MEP and as a member of UKIP?