Thursday, 6 March 2014

Youth of Europe, In the EU out of work

Exceptions are MEPs, Spads and Germans. I came across this interesting message by negating a leaked LibDem briefing note for this June's election. Tim Congdon has a copy. Ask to go on his mailing list, and I am sure he will send you a copy. Tim's monthly email is a good read if you can plough through the heavy duty but accurate economics.

The Lib Dem document shows what a well organised political machine the Lib Dems are. What comes across is how imprtant postal votes are and how good the LibDems are at getting them in early before the campaign gets up and running. That is how they won at Eastleigh. Another week of campaigning and UKIP would have had its first MP. UKIP had an open goal but because the manger, ashen faced Nobby Farage, had not trained his team well and they could not put the ball into the net when it mattered. Chances like Eastleigh with a criminally convicted Lib Dem exMP don't come along that often.

This Lib Dem campaign briefing is a much needed tutorial for Mr Crowther on how to campaign.
A few choice points:

There are very few LibDem/UKIP wavers which is why I did not include LibDems in my tweet @NortonSubHamdon. Folllow me to get all my tweets.

UKIP voters are evangelical  and attacks based on the corruption of their MEPs have little impact.

UKIP voters care much more about Europe and immigration and much less about traditional ie LibLab Con issues. The document having waxed lyrical on wonderful LibDem virtues goes on to say even LibDem supporters are concerned about immigration. The conclusion is clear to anyone with a modicum of common sense planning a UKIP campaign but this eliminates most of the cabal.

Then of course we have the tired old 3 million UK jobs at risk if we leave the EU. Tell that to the unemployed youth of Club Med and France who are invading the UK to get jobs outside the Euro, the EU elites invention and instrument of slavery.

The most evil part of the brief is an exhortation to 'work the postal vote' ie get their votes before the voters have heard the full debate and this from a party that has democracy in its title!

My advice to UKIP supporters is when the LibDems come calling tell them you usually vote Tory but admire the work of the coalition. Keep them talking, offer them coffee (not if you have a picture of NF on your wall) and try to waste their time as much as possiible. On polling day they may come round knocking you up to vote in which case say you have already voted and engage them in as long a connversation as possible. LibDems love the sound of their own voices.


ALAN WOOD said...

Hi Eric,

UKIP have nothing to fear from the Liberal-Democrats provided they marshal their resources and use the methods we used in 2009 to hit the postal voters early and use professional delivery services to get out a good quality leaflet to every voter.

People know UKIP even better than in 2009 and the immigration message is even stronger. Some Labour and Tory voters will switch to UKIP for a European election - lending their vote.

The Lib-Dem machine WAS great at by-elections when they could muster a big team for a month. With European and General Elections their resources are spread like UKIP and they will be hard put to better the UKIP campaign. However, they are on a downward spiral in terms of their message. Environment is not such a sacred cow now and their coalition performance has been weak.

I personally loathe homosexuals - they exist in the canine world in droves and favour their own when it comes to awarding trophies - a bit like the luvvies in other places.

All this reminds me of the Winchester by-election at which Mark Oaten was returned as victor thanks to the Lib-Dem vote-winning machine. I supported Robin Page - no hope of beating the big boys but I did win a £5 bet that we beat the Monster Raving Loony Party - which they drank away in 30 seconds flat !

Mark Oaten had to resign eventually after hanky-panky. It is even suggested in Wiki that he was involved in coprophilia.

"At the general election on 1 May 1997, Mark Oaten was originally declared the winner, with a majority of two votes over Conservative Gerry Malone, after many recounts and haggling over spoilt ballots.

Oaten was unseated on an electoral petition on 6 October 1997. The by-election on 20 November resulted in a clear win by Oaten – his majority was 21,556 over second-placed Gerry Malone, the former Conservative MP who had lost his seat in the general election.

This was also the last election (by or general) in which Screaming Lord Sutch, founder of the Official Monster Raving Loony Party, ran for a parliamentary seat. He committed suicide in 1999.

Liberal Democrat Mark Oaten 37,006 68.0% +26.0%

Conservative Gerry Malone 15,450 28.4 −13.6

Labour Patrick Davies 944 1.7 −8.8

UKIP Robin Page 521 1.0 +0.2

Monster Raving Loony Lord David Sutch 316 0.6 +0.1

On 21 January 2006, Oaten resigned from the Liberal Democrat front bench[5] when it was revealed by the News of the World that he had hired a 23-year-old male prostitute between the summer of 2004 and February 2005. The newspaper also alleged that Oaten had engaged in 'three-in-a-bed' sex sessions with two male prostitutes.[6] Further allegations surfaced in the media over the following days, including an accusation that he had asked one of the prostitutes to engage in an act of coprophilia.[7][8][9]"

( Coprophilia can be said to be liking the smell, taste, or feel of feces in a sexual way. The feeling can be either through touching the skin or through rubbing the penis head against feces).

How a party with such unwholesome characters - one in your area - is acceptable to the public I do not know.

The list of Lib-Dems involved in "trouble" is endless. The better for everyone that they are ground into the dust.

Eric Edmond said...

Here in Yeovil we have David Laws LibDem MP and homosexual who tried to claim £40k from the public purse for his live in partner. We canot get another vote on Laws that we deserve.

I see homosexuals as similar to freemasons with similar effects.

ALAN WOOD said...

Re: Postal Voting - a terrible system brought in by the Government of the day to perk up the number of people bothering to vote.

All sorts of scams were uncovered involving Labour mostly where the head of the family encourages the other members of the family to vote as he says.

It is the modern version of the old Irish joke - vote early, vote often.i.e. personation.

The Lib-Dems realised that they had to get their message to postal voters early.

For the European & Local Elections around 2007 & 2009 Mike Bridgeman and I did the same. It involved getting in your car and personally delivering your leaflet as soon as postal votes were despatched by the elections Officer.

For the European election it involved a special "paid-for" delivery to all postal voters in the South West.

UKIP will need to do that again.

The great joke about all European elections is that it dos not matter who wins. The pro-EU parties across Europe have a majority, for the moment.

At Westminster the pro-EU parties have an even bigger majority so the first step for UKIP is to get enough MP's to hold the balance of power. That meand getting more MP's than the Lib-Dems for starters.

Clegg has made a serious mistake in taking on Farage.

Eric Edmond said...

Postal votes were introduced by Labour for sordid electoral advantage in Muslim constituencies where the head of the family controls all the votes.