Wednesday, 23 April 2014

An Independence from Europe party stands candidates on May 22

Natrass has got his new party up and running and Farage is livid. The UKIP proscribed list just got a whole lot bigger:
SW candidates:

David Smith 
7 Herschell Road, Exeter EX4 
Helen Webster 
5 Peel Row, Pinhoe Road, 
Exeter EX4 8ET 
Mike Camp 
Flat 3 Willow House, Willow 
Way, Exeter EX4 8DY 
Andrew Edwards 
25 Glebe Road, Southdown, 
Bath BA2 1JB 
Phil Dunn 
Richmond, Broughton Hackett, 
Worcs WR7 4BE 
John Taverner 
50B St Johns Road, Exeter, 
Devon EX1 2HR 
The cabal, all fully paid up members of the dirty tricks are furious. Natrass has just shat on them big time. Its about time the turds turned. Farage, Towler etc are being hoist by their own petard.


Anonymous said...

And I'm sure everyone will be so interested, in the wake of his famous achievements in furthering the anti-EU cause, when in UKIP.

Just kidding.

Edward Spalton said...

Back in 2000 Nattras ratted on his colleagues and "crossed the floor" to the Farage camp on the NEC, allowing them to take control - the original cause, you might say, of the need for this blog.

There are plenty of ways to advance the cause of independence and this piece of spite is not one of them.

ALAN WOOD said...

Couldn't resist a peek to see your latest barb.

Andrew Edwards
25 Glebe Road, Southdown,
Bath BA2 1JB

I believe that this is the same guy who was secretly batting for another party, possibly Tory, when he was an Officer of UKIP in Bath Constituency Association.

I sacked him.

Rambling Steve Appleseed said...

It is perfectly clear that just ss well disciplined communists joined Labour, went deep and waited for secret orders, so many loyal Tories have joined UKIP to work from within for its destruction. There will be a few more well times shenanigans between now and 22nd May.