Sunday, 20 April 2014

Farage and EUKIP are rapidly losing their USP

There are two constituencies that UKIP pick up votes from. First the obvious those who perceive the damage the EU does to our country. Second and far more numerous are those who are sick fed up with our professional, juvenile look alike politicians who could slot seamlessly into Lib, Lab or Con. My son's generation recognise this and for this reason largely do not vote. Many of the older generation also fall into this group, fed up with politicians and these more senior citizens do vote!

This is the group that Farage is reaching out to but thinks they are positively voting for him. In this he is badly mistaken. He keeps them amused with his pints and fags image but that's as far as it goes. Farage has destroyed UKIP's USP with this group who perceive correctly he has joined the ranks of the professional politicians. This mens he is now coming under full scrutiny by the media. Up to now he has been given a very easy ride by the likes of Andrew Neil. That is clearly coming to an end as this week's Times articles show. UKIP's web site response shows how short  of talent UKIP are. Click on this link to read the full extent of their incompetence.

Farage was seen by the public as an anti-establishment politician but he is now being seen as what he is, a third rate politician who wants to join the establishment club! When this sinks in UKIP votes will disappear like snow of a dyke.

Del, David and I saw this coming 5 years ago on the NEC. We always opposed UKIP sending their elected representatives to Brussels to give legitimacy to an inherently undemocratic institution. We were of course shouted down and vilified by the cabal who are obsessed with money. Farage claimed taking this EU money was 'professionalising' the party. The money driven cabal were of course happy to go along with this illogical absurdity. Alan Sked, UKIP's founder, recognised this before us and terminated his links with the sordid bunch of failed ex-Tories EUKIP had become.

The end result is a load of dodgy UKIP MEP candidates attracted by the prospect of EU bribe money in their bank accounts. Let us see how many will be still with UKIP in a years time!

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