Monday, 7 April 2014

Another big lie UKIP must nail.

One of the stock ansewers you get from Labour in particular is they won't talk about Europe because all the polls show it ranks about 10th in the list of topics important to "hard working families". Schools, hospitals housing etc is what they want to talk about and of course the cost of living.

There has been a political failure on UKIP's part to explain to the British people how these topics are deeply influenced by Brussels. Scarcely surprising in a party with the belted  Earl of Dartmouth seeking to make money out of wind farming on his land, wealthy East Anglian barley baron farmers and nouveau riche EU millionaires in its list of Farage remaining MEPs.

Schools are hugely affected by immigration from the EU. Would you like your kids Mr Cameron to be taught in a school where over 50% of their fellow pupils can't speak English and are not Christians? Did not happen in Eton College former pupil the Earl of Dartmouth or Dulwich College former pupil N Farage.

What about hospitals where junior doctors because of the European Working Time directive  have to work a silly shift system that pays no attention to patient's care or needs and needs an army of managers to ensure it cannot work. In France they just ignore it but in the UK where every secon employee seems to be a manager is a job creation programme worthy of the old USSR.

Then there is housing, poor born in the UK, worked in the UK for years two kids and need a house? EU says you must compete on a level playing field with EU migrants who have been here for 3 months. Council diversity quotas ensure Johnny EU immigrant gets his rights in housing.

How about food? Why is it so expensive? Well its the EU CAP that does that. If we were out of the EU and able to buy from our former suppliers, New Zealand, Australia, Canada etc UK food prices would drop by about 30%. Now that would help the poorest in our society!

Want to compete at sub minimum wage levels for a job. There are plenty of East Europeans who do. And as EU unemployment rises especially for the young they head to where the jobs are, treasure island, the UK. No job? No problem register for benefits and social housing.

Got a bit drunk on your foreign holiday? Go to EU jail, no hearing no charges , nothing just an EU arrest warrant filled out by the local police.

The list goes on and on. UKIP have to nail this lie asap.

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