Sunday, 6 April 2014

Fuller figure casts a big shadow over Farage

Saturday's Times, p2, runs a piece headlined, " Farage's alleged lover 'made false sex claims against Tory' ".  The Tory in question is Andrew Bridgen whom she alleges 'inappropriately touched her in his flat at Westminster'. Mr Bridgen threatened to sue her for ludicrous and false allegations. She fled from the flat barefooted taking Mr Bridgen's Westminster pass and Blackberry with her. She subsequently withdrew her allegations conceding her behaviour could have been construed as flirting.

It is a fantastic story similar to the tale of her laptop with John West's confidential interview on it being left by her  in a London taxi, returned to her flat 48 hours later with the interview being put up on the internet from Morocco. There are also tales of unflattering emails concerning UKIP poster girl Diane James of Eastleigh by-election fame.

It now is reported in the Times that the police are looking at whether she stole the pass and Blackberry from Mr Bridgen.

So why is this story resurfacing now? Well, one Jasna Badzak, a former UKIP press officer and candidate  has brought them up along with allegations of financial irregularities. Ms Badruk worked for UKIP MEP Gerard Batten and was recently convicted of defrauding Batten out of £3000 and given a 12 month suspended sentence. She is now appealing this conviction.

For those of you unfamiliar with Ms Fuller click on link to see her protecting Godders Bloom.

The Daily Mail has also had a go at the Fuller Farage relation ship, click on link to read:

Jasna Basnak is also described in the Mail.

I do not understand why men in public life chose to work with Ms Fuller & Ms Jaznak. At the least it calls into question their judgement of who they employ and has implications for their judgement in  political ad other matters.

Look at another link to see what I mean.

Here is a quote from the New Statesman on how North Korea functions. Could be written about Farage and the cabal

Steve Richards has written in the New Statesman about the mood of paranoia and suspicion around Ed Miliband. His fearfully supportive team resembles the North Korean inner circle daring not to offer even constructive criticism of their dear leader:
“Miliband’s staff are loyal to him personally but in their determined or fearful supportiveness there is little space for critical candour. Nearly all those who work for Miliband are dependent on his patronage. He chose them and they are pleased to be close to him. They do not want to say things that he does not want to hear. The contrast with Tony Blair’s office is marked. Blair had to plead with Alastair Campbell to join him, going out to see him while Campbell was on holiday in France as part of the energetic wooing process. Campbell could be brutally candid because he knew Blair wanted him so much. Other advisers, such as Peter Mandelson, had been senior to Blair in the 1980s. They, too, could be ruthlessly or constructively critical, sometimes both. This does not happen very much in Miliband’s office; indeed, the opposite can happen. I am told that sometimes his staff applaud him when he returns from making a mediocre speech.”
Shame he doesn’t have the cult of personality to go with it…


ALAN WOOD said...

Farage's employees Fuller & Jasnak remind me of the old joke about the executive who needed a new secretary. He interviewed 3 ladies two of whom were clearly very experienced. The well-upholstered blonde who couldn't type got the job.

Today must be a special day: Miliband, Clegg and Cameron are all under pressure from the press.

The European Elections could well see a party leader catching a "crab" as they say in rowing circles.

Eric Edmond said...

Exactly, neither were I opine recruited for their political skills.