Friday, 25 April 2014

UKIP stories now in the Sun

As I predicted UKIP tales would move over to the more salacious Murdoch organ , the Sun, and now features in the Standard. Read it for youself on this link:

I cannot resist copying the picture of Miis Vaid from this piece:

She is certainly a very pretty girl albeit with allegations of a lurid life pre UKIP. She works for UKIP but was portrayed in a UKIP party political as an ordinary voter in Devon. Judging by her appearance and name that seems unlikely, somewhere further East surely..

Farage's new professional party moves from cock up to cock up.

The star of Farage's advert on EU iimmigrants taking our jobs turns out to come from Zimbabwe and as I ran yesterday has an unfortunate tendency to make unaccepatable tweets. Here he is:

Zimbabwean decorator Andre Lampitt appeared in the Ukip party political broadcast to complain about the impact of immigration in Britain

Someone has made a big mistake says Nigel suspending the unfortunate Mr Lampitt. I will root him out. Farage is like a demented allotment holder forever digging up weeds that have sprung up on his patch. But the more he roots out new ones just keeps on springing up.

There is a relevant verse in the Bible, " As ye sow so shall ye reap". That's what has been happening to Farage's UKIP. Time to get a new gardner methinks.

Read more about the latest bit of Farage horticulture by clicking:

But Mr Lampitt is not the only one who is not quite as presented by UKIP. Here is another poster boy:
unveiled by Mr Farage in Sheffield

'EU Policy at Work' billboard coming to you soon was posted on twitter by UKIP Economics Spokesman Steven Woolfe

Is he an out of work British worker. Well no, he is an Irish actor who may well be out of work but British he ain't.

UKIP thickos incompetence and lack of proper governance and management  is now showing through. Does Farage think he can get away with this level of cock ups? He must have seen and approved all these posters and party politicals. It was his responsibility and he cannot be allowed to foist the blame onto others.

The media have now tasted blood. Farage deserves all he gets from the media rat pack. He who lives by the soundbite dies by the soundbite.


Anonymous said...

Good heavens! Shock horror! Even The Sun now. E tu, Rupert. First the Thunderer, now the Blunderer. And poor old Doctor Edmond here is still waiting for his turn.

Eric Edmond said...

You can tell you are getting warm when the Farage trolls start on personal abuse.

Eric Edmond said...

Sorry to person who posted a comment. It got lost by software. Repost it andd I will print it