Friday, 9 May 2014

Alex sees through Farage

Click below and read what has been obvious to smart City types for years

That's why City slickers are paid so much, they see through phonerys like Farage in a flash and discern their real motives. They are the wolves but the majority of the population the good Lord made sheep..


ALAN WOOD said...

What mugs all of these pro-EU media types have become. They even include him in cartoons now.
There is very little bad publicity except for paedophiles and Farage has no history there.

On QT last night I thought that Farage was good, especially getting in to flay the myth that our government (deliberately with a lower case "g") had a say in the Pfizer debacle.

On balance the cleverest was Shirley Williams, sneaking in Climate Change nonsense before Farage could respond.

That Labour son of an immigrant Osunna is the most ghastly of the lot. Devious, cunning, tells porkies as if it was his calling.

Grant Shapps was out of his depth. What a woeful rep. for the Tory line on Europe. He looked desperate and his party certainly will be desperate after the European Elections.

The Greenie was her usual clever self quoting all the so-called "useful" laws produced by Brussels - so many that Farage did not have a chance to shoot them down.

On balance I thought that Farage stood up to 4 opponents well and the audience responded.

I wish he wouldn't pull silly faces - it's juvenile.

Regarding Roger Helmer - a reasonable choice for Newark bearing in mind his CV. He has been a thorn in the side of the Tories over the EU and deserves a chance to show his worth to UKIP.
In a Tory constituency a man who can put over the reasons for leaving the party has to be an asset.

The anti-EU movement needs Farage at the moment.

Time for anti-EU bloggers to get off his back ?

Eric Edmond said...

I did not think Farage looked well last night. Farage was OK but not great imo.

Sorry I disagree about Helmer. I have only met him once and was not impressed.