Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Another Farage cutie bites his vitals

Only on Sunday I wrote of the damage Alexandra Swain, Farage protege, was doing to UKIP. Its deja vu all over gain with the girl below, Sanjay-Jeet Thandi..

who is also of Indian origin and so ticked 3 of Farage's boxes, female, young & ethnic. She came out in the Guardian yesterday saying UKIP is racist, somehing picked up in today's Telegraph.

This is the latest in a long line of embarassing people ushered into the higher echelons of UKIP by Farage. Last MEP cycle it was Marta Andreasen who has now defected to the Tories. Farage thinks he is using these women but in truth the boot is on the other foot, they are using Farage to get status, positon and publicity. But as the old saw goes, faced with a pretty girl with her own agenda there is no fool like an old fool.

Its not just young women, Marta was scarcely in the first flush of youth, but ex-Tory ladies of a similar age, Suzanne Evans, Janice Atkinson etc.

This is all very damaging for UKIP. These pretty girls have been plastered all over the papers in the last few days. Party youth wings have always been an embarassment.  The young Liberals in the 70s were more left wing than the UK communist party!

I could accept Farage's obsession with photo opportunitieswith young females if  he showed some respect for the hard working elederly majority in UKIP whose efforts have put Farage and his cabal where they are today. But all he does is smear them as dinosaurs and talk of moving on.

UKIP's problem is with its leader not its membership.


ALAN WOOD said...

And so say all of us !

Now Farage has committed the unpardonable stupidity of aligning himself with Cameron just when he needed Labour votes in spades.

He should have waited until after the EU Elections before declaring any views on coalitions. This shows UKIP to be a pressure group not a party of government.

What a plonker !

Eric Edmond said...

Agreed. Read the Times today for Banneman's attempt at pay back. The fat one cannot even put the boot in properly let alone write a manifesto.

Mike Bridgeman said...

2010 all over again.
The only good news is that the postal votes are already in.