Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Two LibDem hypocrites not to vote for

This dropped through our door 10 days ago. First notice how both make their eyes glisten with insincerity and their whole demeanour of smarm which they hope will induce the voter to believe they are honest and trustworthy. Don't be taken in by these two political charlatans.

Fact, the one on the left, David Laws our MP, currently complaing about his boss Michael Gove, the Eduction secretary  spending part of the education on free schools. Shock horror, an education minister spending public money on schools!

Laws of course gave his personal dollop of public money for his expenses, some £40k,  to his homosexual partner or bum boy as we used to call them at my pre PC school. Laws when caught, repaid the money and has now been reinstated as an allbeit as a more junior minister by Cameron. Non MPs have of course have been prosecuted for fraud for much smaller sums in similar circumstances.

The one on the  right is Graham Watson, MEP for the SW region. He was for many years a severe critic of the honours system and its political abuses, however when a knighthood was offered to him in 2011 he accepted and now loves to be called Sir Graham. The reason for his K is given in Wikipedia as,

Watson was knighted in the 2011 Birthday Honours for political and public service. This follows the precedents under which UK MEPs Henry (now Lord) Plumb and Pauline Green were knighted after having led pan-European political groups in the European Parliament."

No wonder the ordinary citizens of the UK dislike professional political careerists like Watson. UKIP rightly exploits this but I look forward to UKIP's first political services knight putting the confirming that Farage's EUKIP has really joined the political establishment. Who will be the first UKIP knight? Farage is eligible under the Watson rules. Will he take it? 

Nominations please in the comments box for the recipient of UKIP's first K. I will offer odds on  the runners and riders when I have sufficient nominations.

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