Thursday, 22 May 2014

Farage does not want to lead Referendum out campaign

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Thus opines the Spectator or perhaps he does not want to with Dave, in whose power is seats on the red leather that Farage craves, campaigning to stay in. Also of course Nigel's paymasters in the EU might take a dim view of such activity and cut off his privileges and pension rights. Nothing is ever what it seems with Farage.

Leading the biggest delegation of UK MEPs will obviously take up so much of the great leader's time he might have to entrust the UK election to one of his most trusted and most incompetent subordinates. But who to choose, there are so many.


Flatulent Badger said...

Hi Eric,

I'm looking to get in touch re UKIP.

We know each other, or rather you are a school friend of my father. I am becoming more politically aware and would like to learn a little more.


Flatulent Badger said...
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Anonymous said...

Every time I see Farage I think of his comment that he was disturbed by people speaking 'foreign' languages on a train. I had a friend who sincerely believed that whenever he heard a foreign language spoken, the speaker was talking about him in a derogatory way. He would become quite upset and could easy complain for the time it took to drink a pint about all the foreigners who had laughed at him that day.
I think he had psychiatric treatment in the end.
Btw, he was a member of the Conservative party. This is not a joke.
Remember this story next time a ukip member, or Farage himself, speaks about foreigners.

Mike Bridgeman said...

Hi Eric,
sorry that this is not related to your post but I thought it an excellent article-vision.

Eric Edmond said...

Dear Badger,

Delighted to help you if I can. Please email me

Eric Edmond