Saturday, 24 May 2014

Well done UKIP in the recent council elections

My congratulations to all those candidates who stood for UKIP in Thursday' local elections. They stood not for money or the passing fame of media appearances like many on the UKIP MEP slates but for our cause. This group gives us our best chance of getting out of the EU. Westminster Parliamentary constituencies are made up of contiguous local council wards so  these candidates have started on building up UKIP's profile in their local area for next May's general election.

However this will benefit  UKIP only if their Westminster candidates are chosen from this group of local activists and not from parachuted in self serving, money loving, publicity seeking MEPs of whom there will be many more come Monday morning. They are with a few exceptions a worthless bunch of Farage sycophants living, wining and dining in Brusssels flattered and feted by the cunning EU. They are EU kept animals in a comfortable zoo whom the media can gawp at from time to time whilst Farage and Legge make clowns of themselves in the Brussels talking shop. The pity is they make UKIP a laughing stock as well. They are domestic electoral liabilities as will be seen at Newark in 14 days time.

We now have a chance of getting our country back with those decent hard working local  candidates who live and work in the UK. It is up to the local parties now to back their own people and not kow tow to Farage and his cabal. It was UKIP's emphasis on the immigration issue which generated UKIP's wonderful result . Farage hi-jacked this but in trurh some his performances on radio and TV were woeful. The Crick  idea that from his new MEPs Brussels elite  he can construct some sort of shadow cabinet is laughable. It would be better to keep most of them in a cupboard and throw away they key.

My near neighbour Paddy put the LibDem show together building from the grass roots in places like Liverpool. He showed how to do it. Note how the LibDems are falling apart under the Brussels and London schooled Clegg elite. The warning is clear for UKIP. Keep it local and win. .Be seduced by the Brussels/London elite and media  and lose. But they lose for you the decent UKIP members who won this triumph on Thursday.

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