Saturday, 3 May 2014

Media change tactics on attacking Farage

It has become clear over the last two days that the new line is to deny Farage the oxygen of publicity by ignoring him. This is what they should have been doing all along but when idiot Clegg chose to have not one but two high profile televised debates with Farage the cat was out of the bag. Farage is a good debater and Clegg, well, he is just a member of the political elite chattering class with no idea how real people think.

Ann Treneman in today's Times has also picked up on this, "As I understand it Dave is under strict instructions not to mention The Nigel.. The subject is omerta for the very good reason that all publicity is good publicity" So Dave has a free licence to talk about God ad even egg throwing provided he does not mention you know who.

That's just basic politics, don't talk about the oppo talk about yourself'. Its frightening we have such a dumbo PM.

I picked up on this two days ago when someone from the Times phoned me up for some background info on UKIP's electoral processes. I have a lot of time for journalists, we don't get near the truth from any other group. Sure there are some scum bag scribblers but every profession has its bad eggs. Its best to throw these at Nigel who has liking for, and large collection of, political bad eggs. He keeps them in a cupboard along with a number of  political skeltons but he is now in the market for a bigger cupboard. I believe the Brussels offices provided for MEP group leaders like NF have very large cupboards purpose built for storage of this sort of material.  So problem solved by Nigel's wonderful EU.



ALAN WOOD said...

He didn't last long with his jaw wired !
Suggestion now that he MIGHT debate with Farage in the General Election hustings. WHAT ! Farage will wipe the floor with him.
It will give Farage the chance to link every UK problem from the Fishermen onwards to the EU.
Cameron must think that he has a trump card in the fantastic economy he has created (says me choking on that), together with the extra jobs, will all go for a ball of chalk if we leave the EU.

Be prepared Farage.

Eric Edmond said...

I doubt he will be allowed to take on Farage in debate. The men in grey suits won't let him.