Wednesday, 14 May 2014

UKIP MEP seats for sale

Today's Times runs a page 1/2 story plus pages 14/15 on this topic which seems to lean heavily on the words of Mr Bannerman. He is of course no relation to the Liberal PM whose towering achievement was to die in Downing Street in 1908. Would that some of his successors had followed his fine example. It would have saved the British people much hardship.

It seems the Times has discovered that large donations to UKIP can ennsure your place very high on their MEP slates for various regions something everyone in UKIP knew. They have discovered the elderly husband of Jill Seymour has been making such donations and lo and behold Jill is now nunber one on the West Midlands slate.

Bannerman is obviously embittered. He was happy to do Nigel's bidding getting me off the NEC etc to ensure his place on the Eastern region list. Others have seen what has happend to him, Natrass and Nikki all of whom wanted to continue on the EU gravy train but are now frozen out by Nigel pour encourager les autres as they say in Brussels. Bannnerman's claim that he did a good job in Brussels is as laugable as Clarke pleading he could not oppose the Lisbon Treaty in the HoL committe because of the pressure of his work for the EU. Its called going native and generally takes less than 24 hours in Brussels.

I think Stuart Wheeler and Alan Bown were quite right to demand a contribution from UKIP MEPs of £10k. After all they were not elected on their own merits but on the back of the hard work by UKIPs PBI.
The best excuse for not parting with any money came from Farage's previous protege Andreasen who claimed she ws not liable as she was not a British citizen just a protege, now ex-protege, of Farage. Its getting to be quite a club Farage's ex-proteges.

Anyway off to la belle France tonight so no more blogging for a while. Good luck to UKIP and the Nattrass party in the Euro elections. Don't be too disappointed if you come second to Dave as long as you wipe out the LibDem EU loving slime.


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