Saturday, 7 June 2014

Farage has a woman problem in general & in particular

I have opined before in this blog that women voters do not find Farage's booze, fags and lads image attractive. It is confidence bulding to have this confirmed in today's Independent.

I quote, "Survation, whose overall findings were very close to the actual result, found 36.8 per cent of men in Newark planned to support Ukip, compared with just 16.8 per cent of women."

"If women had backed the party in similar numbers, Mr Farage would today be celebrating his party’s first Westminster election victory."

Several women have made this same observation to me over the years that they don't like Farage and won't vote for him. Its impossible to win fptp elections when you have over half the voters are women and of those 80% or so will vote against you. 

This more than any other statistic shows UKIP needs a new leader if they are serious about getting us out of the EU. Diane James is the best person to lead UKIP. Farage, Nuttall, Helmer, Legge etc should be binned asap. The problem is that UKIP women don't like voting for other women in party slections but common sense dictates UKIP needs a woman leader. Julia Reid would make a good deputy for Mrs James.

The particular woman problem Farage has is  Annabelle Fuller. Click below to read the Miror story. 

Mrs Karen Farage has a lot to put up with but she seems a decent woman. Ms Fuller however has it in her power to bring Farage down. Right now with UKIP riding high the media red tops will pay much gold for her story. Everyone has their price and knocking people down is a UK tabloid speciality.  

When that happens Farage can only be saved by the support of other women. I am sure he will get that from his wife but that will simply not be enough to save him. He should jump before he is pushed and name Mrs James as his preferred successor as he did with Pearson. (That would also devalue Annabelle's tale with the tabloids.)  Mrs James, who has never been a member of any party except UKIP and  could rebrand UKIP as a proper political party and not just a home for old Tories like Helmer and Legge. UKIP has got to rid itself of its male image if it wants to move on and Diane James is the lady to do it.

PS Here is another link to an Express story re la Fuller:

I quote from the piece,

In a moving interview with, Ms Fuller, who was for years Mr Farage’s closest aide, spoke of her mental ill health and how working in politics drove her to “rock bottom”.

Ms Fuller's speciality seems to be  giving heart rending interviews about herself. That pitcher has been to the well at least once before.

PPS this is the effect La James has on men


Gwilym said...

You might want to see a little more on the background of new UKIP MEP Nathan Gill:

Eric Edmond said...

Thank you for this. Gill seems to tick all Farage's boxes as a suitable MEP candidate. He won't be the only one. Farage likes working with people like this.

I knew John Bufton quite well and worked with him on UKIP things 5+ years ago. Do you know how he is keeping? I had heard he was not well.