Sunday, 3 August 2014

Compulsory reading for new UKIP members

Alan Sked, UKIP's founder and former UKIP leader is trying to get his new left of centre leave the EU party called New Deal up and running. There is an excellent summary of Prof Sked's and Mr Farage's history and  in this Guardian piece:

This is Prof Sked's third new party formation and the Guardian piece gives much of the early history of UKIP from the anti- Federalist league via the Referendum party to UKIP. More interesting it lists Farage's long standing association with members of far right groups. This continues right now with the same UKIP money generating far right alliances in the EU parliament that led to Nikki Sinclair leaving UKIP in the previous  2009-2014 period. New UKIP members should read the Guardian piece note the same Farage supporters still run UKIP.

It is depressing that UKIP is now little more than a dumping ground for can't make it old Tories and carpetbaggers along with younger talentless chancers. Like Alan Sked I wanted a centre ground party that did not legitimise the EU by sending MEPs to Brussels.  ( I was viciously attacked by the Farage cabal for saying this at my first NEC meeting in 2009) This is the only sort of party that can win seats at Westminster in sufficient numbers to deliver us from the EU. Farage's strategy has enriched Farage and his clique. That is its sole purpose. It can never get us out of the EU and the UKIP cabal does not want us out. They get so much EU money for keeping us in!

I have been off in Scotland this last month and unable to blog. Mrs Milliband aka Justine Thornton was also there. She is a Mrs James with more brains and would be an election winning asset if Labour use her rather than women like Rachel Reeve and Hetty Harman. Like Cherie she is a barrister but unlike Cherie is a very likeable lady.


Mike Bridgeman said...

Pleased to see you are back in action.
I was beginning to get worried.

Eric Edmond said...

Thx Mike. Just been up in Edinburgh. I will be going back again.