Saturday, 16 August 2014

Farage will 'blow' South Thanet

I write from my wife's bijou holiday home in South Brittany. Its all good publicity but Nigel knows which sde his bread is buttered and will stay an MEP. If he wins SouthThanet and becomes an MP he will have to resign as an MEP and lose all that kovely money, salary plus expenses plus pension plus freebies plus limo etc.and allow Donna Edmunds to take over as MEP. Worse who will take Nigel's place as leader of his far right pan European party? I have no doubt Nigel would like it to be Paul Nuttall a long time Farage puppet but I doubt UKIP's new intake of ex-Tories will wear that and neither will the mid European fascists in the group. It will be like Iraq after Saddam!

Consider the other downsides for NF:

He will have to work, see constituents weekly in South Thanet and also in Westminster and take uptheir mundane issues with the government - no grandstanding there for Mr F.

He will be exposed to the full scrutiny of the British press and BBC led media. He might even merit the attentions of the fake sheikh!

His expenses will be properly scrutinised not only by the authorities but also by LibLabCon.

The LibDems smarting from a near electoral wipe out will be out to get him and they fight dirty.

All in, Nigel will fight a mediocre campaign and having shown the flag will lose narrowly and return to the safety and luxurious comfort and security of Brussels and his beloved EU. As for getting us out of the EU that will be left for someone else to do.


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