Sunday, 10 August 2014

Far right dominates Farage's UKIP cult

Bill Etheridge a recently Farage selected and elected UKIP MEP described Adolf Hiler as a "magnetic and forceful" performer who "achieved a great deal" to gulilble UKIP youf. With MEPs like Mr Etheridge who needs enemies?

Click below to get the BBC and Daily Mail versions

The Daily Mail article gives much more background. Mr Etheridge. Like most of the Farage chosen he is a former failed Tory. "He was suspended by the Conservative Party in 2011 after he posed on Facebook with a golliwog." He was talking and indoctrinating the youth wing of UKIP, impressionable youngsters who might believe Mr Etheridge represents Farage's views.

Here is Mr Etheridge with his doll:


and here is the man whose oratory he admires


and here is UKIPs vey own Fuerher in full flow

I remember Private Eye did a telling caption on a picture of Enoch Powell in a similar pose which I could not possibly repeat but it was in the late sixties for those with a collection of old Eyes.

Two of their funnier efforts

Private Eye covers

Hitler always gave his most rabble rousing speeches at night. The psycological reason for this that in the dark when people can only see the flooodlit stage and cannot themselves be seen people lose their inhibitions and are far more receptive to inflammatory rhetoric. Remember Kinnock in Sheffield pre the 1972 election. Farage also likes to keep grassroots UKIP members in the dark like mushrooms while he basks in the full glare of publicity. It is good to see Mrs Farage has picked up another nice little EU earner with Farage associate and now UKIP MEP Ray Finch, a very common conjunction in UKIP. I wonder why?, 

Ein Volk, ein UKIP, ein F├╝hrer!

as they say.

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