Friday, 8 August 2014

There are now 850 peers in the Lords

First where do they all park their cars? The latest batch of 21 includes 6 LibDem never wozzers to use Le Carre's phrase, 3 Labour non-entities with the remainder a very motley group of Tories. Farage will obviously fit seemlessly into this organisation!

We need an elected second chamber asap. The MPs will of ourse never vote for this as it would drastically reduce the power of the PM which would be a very good thing.

I suggest we go with  the US Senate model and elect two peers per English County, roughly 70 and have 30 between Scotland ,Wales and Northern Ireland. If the US can get by with 100 senators, 2 for each state then surely we can manage with the same number. I know the Brits love titles. I detest them as it implies some people are our superiors. Bollocks! A man's a man for a that and I would extend that to women and include heterosexuals and homosexuals and get rid of Lord and Lady nonentity.


Niall Warry said...

You rightly hate all Lords and it would appear have a healthy disrespect for authority and yet you believe the sun shines out of Alex Salmond's backside?!

Very strange and inconsistent.

Alex Salmond is just another self seeking politician like the rest.

Eric Edmond said...

See my response on previous blog