Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Salmond Darling referendum debate

I have taken a close interest in this referendum as a Scot and as a rehearsal of what UKIP will face in Dave's 2017 EU referendum if he manages the unlikely and wins a majority in 2015.

In Scotland the better off together No campaign is the party of big business and has 2 to 3 times more donations than the Yes SNP campaign of ordinary people. It will be the same in 2017 with the stay in campaign being supported by big business who benefit from the EU and will be many times bettter funded than the leave the EU campaign of the ordinary people who of course suffer most at the hands of the EU.

The media have lined up even more heavily than business against the SNP as they will line up in 2017 against UKIP.

Cameron got the turncoat Darling, an avowed Socialis,t to head up the big business campaign for the sordid political reason that without Scottish Labour MPs Labour will be permanently out of power unless Tony has a second coming. I have no doubt the EU will find another traitor like Heath to head up its UK campaign.

I don't think the debate was Salmond's best performance. He certainly did not lose it as the Torygraph claims but neither did he win - just like Dave in 2010.

Samond is quite right about the currency question. Post a Yes vote there would have to be a currency sharing agreement as it is in everyones interests to have one. Salmond's ace would be the threat to quickly kickTrident, its nuclear arsenal and other facilities out of Scotland creating a big problem for Dave.

As one who has worked in the Bank of England I can assure you the name is a big lie. Its a bank of a motley collection of midEuropeans headed  up by a Canadian with a Yankee lady as de facto 2 ic.

Salmond comes from an ordinary background and education. Darling is a champagne socialist from Loretto, an English public school based in Musselburgh just outside Edinburgh. People who were at Lorreto with AD speak of his lack of intellect. Salmond must expose this next time.

Salmon's most telling argument is if you vote Yes Scotss will never again get a government like Thatcher that they did not want. That really is what it is all about for ordinary people.


Niall Warry said...

Your near obsession that Alex Salmond can do no wrong is very strange indeed.

He is a self-centred politician, like the rest of the political class, who wants an independent Scotland for what he can make out it for himself.

He is also an undiluted Socialist who would ruin Scotland if it became independent.

Fortunately he will I think lose.

Eric Edmond said...

Thank you Major. Your lack of knowledge of Scottish history, education, law and culture typifies the officer class.

Anonymous said...

I think that is a very fair comment on the debate, the audience were very switched on, and that was when Salmond came into his own. Salmond did make some mistakes, BUT this referendum is not about Salmond, because with Independence comes the right to elect the government we want. Yes, Salmond does have some Socialist tendencies - thank god for that! The only oil producing country to have hundreds of food banks, so we need quite a lot of social justice up here

Niall Warry said...

My lack of knowledge of Scottish history, education,laws and culture has NOTHING what-so-ever to do with knowing a politician on the make when I see one.

Alex Salamond, like most politicians, is ONLY really interested in himself.

Eric Edmond said...

Major your are confusing AS with NF

Eric Edmond said...

Major, AS lives and works in Scotland and supports his country. NF, works in Brussels, lives there 30% of his time and supports the EU. I think like Old Major you should sing 'Beasts of England' every mornong at reveille.

Eric Edmond said...

Major, AS lives and works in Scotland and supports his country. NF, works in Brussels, lives there 30% of his time and supports the EU. I think like Old Major you should sing 'Beasts of England' every morning at reveille.

Niall Warry said...

Where Alex Salmond lives and works is irrelevant to the point I'm making.

I assume you don't dispute he is a politician and as such I see NOTHING to recommend him as being ANY different from the rest.

As to singing 'Beast of England' every morning I already do that!!