Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Tories & Labour make Clegg type promises to the Scots

Take a look at today's Daily Politics to see two politicians caught in the headlights without a pair of briefs between them.

Emma Reynolds is an obvious Labour air head who repeated her irrelevnt notes to every question from A Neil as did Tory boy Stephen Crabbe.

How much of Scottish oil tax revenue will you be giving to the Scottish government under your hastily cobbled together devo max proposals was AN's question. Both poiliticos come from the modern Tony Blair school of politics and think if you talk long enough and wave your hands about eventually the interviewer will run out of time and/or forget his question. Given all the manure heaped on the Scot Nats for not spelling out their plan B on currency this hopeless pair could not spell out their plan A on oil tax!

Devo Max was a panic measured hastily cobbled together which is now coming apart at the seams within 12 hours. Alec S is winning this battle hands down.

Cameron was talking to a carefully selected audience from the SWIP a disastrous Llyods bank acquisition waved through by Jonah Brown.

Clegg was somehere in the Scottish borderd where sheep outnumber people 100 to 1,

Nobody in Scotland believes a word they say, As I write Milliband has not yet surfaced.

Asked for one word to describe the three amigos a pannel came up with:

Clegg - liar
Cameron - posh
Milliband - weird

Just the guys you need to gift it to Alec. Click to see Alec's comments

Killer final line the three numpties are ther to try and save their jobs not save our country.


Mike Bridgeman said...

Eric, I would welcome your comment on this.
I have worked in Scotland and holiday there on a regular basis (salmon fishing very poor this year with little water) and I am convinced that if the Scots vote for "independence" they will make it work.
What I cannot understand is why a people would vote for "Independence" and then rush to cede sovereignty to the EU. To me it beggars belief.
However, should there be a Yes vote then the Scots (who are more inclined to the EU than the English) will not get a vote in an IN/OUT referendum which would make our exit from the EU more likeley, and a wonderful result as far I am concerned.

Eric Edmond said...


Yes Scotland would make independence work.

Yes it is nonsense to leave one union to join another. Scotland should be like Norway with whom it shares ancestry, customs and resources and stay out of the EU. The Spaniards will I hope keep Scotland out of the EU.

Yes an in/out of the EU referendum in England would be more likely to deliver an out vote than one held in the UK.

Things will never be the same after this irrespective of the 18th Sept vote result.

Mike Bridgeman said...

A Catalonia among the pigeons.