Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Panic grips Westminster political elite

I can never remember PMQs being cancelled as Dave and Ed have done today. Alex Salmond has got them on the run and the spin men are all running round like Corporal Jones shoting don't panic but that's exactly what they are doing.

Whatever the outcome this referendum campaign has broken the power of the Westminster elite which is a great result for all of us who did not go to public school or are not members of the North London Jewish intellectual elite.

Its a huge mistake for Cam/Clegg/Millipede to go to Scotland. They are all very unpopular there and provides Alex Salmond with a heaven sent opportunity to play the people versus Westminster card which he will do very well. It is now apparent to all, even the Major, that Alex S is the ablest politician currently operating in the UK.

The currency argument has spectactularly backfired on Darling. When the Irish left in 1922 the residual UK did not collapse and nor did de Valera ask permission from the BoE to use the pound. Ninety years later Eire is still there and prospering.

Will Cam resign? No! Who can her Maj send for instead? That's why George III refused to accept Lord North's resignation in 1774 after the loss of the American colonies. Lord North wiled away his time that summer near to us at Dillington whilst the American colonies were lost. A bit like Cam/Clegg and Milliband this summer in London and Portugal. Plus ca change plus c'est la meme chose as the French say.

I hope the N|ats have plenty of eggs left over from Murphy, the idiot who put the Lisbon Treay through parliament, to chuck at Cam/Clegg and Millband plus Jonah Brown. They have all betrayed our country to the EU. That is why the SNP are doing so well just as UKIP's succeeded in the May Europeans. People are sick of the self serving political elite. Alex can capitalise on a protest vote if Farage can.

Vote Farage in South Thannet!


Henry IX said...

"North London Jewish Elite".... you sure you aren't BNP???

Eric Edmond said...

Jewish intellectual elite

Eric Edmond said...

Jewish intellectual elite

Eric Edmond said...

When Milliband I & II pitched up at Corpus Christi College Oxford they were given a reading list. Half the books on the list had been written by daddy Milliband