Monday, 8 September 2014

UKIP leadership election

Can anyone post when Farage's term as leader expires triggering a new leadership election?

I quote from UKIP's constitution:

7.4  The Leader's term of office shall run for four years. This term may be extended for such time as may be deemed necessary upon the NEC passing a motion by a two-thirds majority to enable the Leader to stay in post in order to fight an imminent General Election or European Election,

As far as I can see Farage was elected on 5th November (wow, the day the last honest man entered parliament!) 2010 following his stooge Pearson's resignation on 17th August 2010. The interegnum was filled by one J Titford an NEC/Farage nominee.

Question, how imminent is 5th May 2015?

I have not looked at the UKIP constitution for many years. The phrase that any member wanting to stand for anything must be "in good standing in the party" now occurs very frequently. Previously I can only recall one occurence of that phrase in the UKIP constitution.

Question, who determines whether a member is in good standing? 

Easiest to answer in the negative, anyone Nigel does not like is not in good standing in the party a decision that will be endorsed by his NEC placemen ie a unanimous NEC decision.

I am reliably informed the forthcoming UKIP leadership election is likely before the Clacton by-election of 9th October so there can be no confusion as to who the cult leader is on that date.

Vote Farage in South Thanet in May 2015!

PS I just read to the bottom of the leadership election section of the UKIP constitution where it now states, "Those eligible to vote shall be members “in good standing”'. So if you are not approved of you won't get a vote just like in China.

There is an attempt to define good standing as

4.1.2  Members are considered to be in "good standing" if at any given moment:

a)    their subscriptions are up to date; and 
b)    they are not subject to any suspension or exclusion by the Party either from elected office or from standing as a candidate of any sort in any election; and
c)    they are not subject to any form of suspension or restriction as to their membership of  the Party.

Ho hum, all very vague. Many are restricted but by whom? Who restricts the restrictors?

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