Wednesday, 3 September 2014

British born Jihadis are EU citizens

This simple fact escaped our elected representatives at today's PMQs, my old colleague Matthew Hancock and Labour's shadow law oficer Emily Thornberry. It fell to the BBC's deputy political editor and Old Etonian James Lansdale to point out this uncomfortable fact just begore the end of A Neil's Daily Politics. It is therefore not within the power of the UK parliament or government to ban returning jihadis from the UK. They will simply go to the EHCR at our expense for such a UK government action to be struck down leaving Cam etc with egg all over their Bullingdon penguin suits.

Our elected representatives gave away the power to control our borders many years ago to the EU. As Maxwell Fyfe, MacMillan's attorney general said in 1962 signing the Treaty of Rome would reduce the UK parliament to that of a parish council. Cameron and his fellow travellers can produce as much hot air as they like on this topic but they cannot change this legal reality that he and his kind have consigned our country to being a peripheral province of the EU superstate.

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