Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Clacton by-election on 9th Oct

If Carswell wins big it makes Farage's off shore anti-EU position less stable. Good! UKIP deserves aleader who is based in London not Brussels. Carswell is a far more able and decent man than Farage. It could be mould breaking and Cabal terminating.


Anonymous said...

EU expansionism has gone too far. Not only are our streets, schools, hospitals and doctors' waiting rooms full of East Europeans, now we have the fiasco of Ukraine.

Ukraine is in a state of civil war because the EU meddled in their affairs to get them into the EU. Half the population there does not want to join the EU. More than a million have left the country as refugees. The EU has reawakened the Cold War with Russia to expand its power closer to Russia.

This is not anything to do with the Common Market the UK joined and voted for.

Get us out of this mess. Please

Eric Edmond said...

I of course agree but as I do not worship Farage nad his cabal I, and many others are banned from UKIP. A bit sickening when a former National Front member with Farage's support is occupying an influential position in UKIP

Adiblake said...

Interesting words, but you being anti-Farage......pinch of salt comes to mind !

Anonymous said...

The Dr. seems to have a chip on his shoulder. No one is perfect and until humans become perfect, I take the next best thing to perfection in Nigel Farage.