Monday, 1 September 2014

Ashya King & European Arrest Warrant

The case of this sick child being exploited by the Deputy Chief plod to polish his media presence was quite sickening. According to Cur Graeme Watson former, thank God, MEP who pushed the EAW as necessary to combat international crooks eg drug dealers. The police of course given such powers immediately abuse and misuse them. Remember the octogenarian threatened with prosecution under similarly half baked anti terrorist by our wonderful police who turned a blind eye to industrial scale child sex abuse in Rotheram by Pakistanis for fear of being accused of racism.

Ashya King's parents are a soft easy target for plod guaranteeing good national TV coverage, or so they thought until the Hampshire man shot himself in both his size 12s.

Handing more carte blanche powers to the police to misuse and abuse is a huge and oft repeated mistake. It gives the impression of activity and achieves nothing. The newly elected Police Commisioners were supposed to control this but the problem is that they were mainly third rate ex-party hacks. That could be changed by banning party endorsements for these posts but that has obvious enforcement difficulties.

My  view is that police should be made more accountable and their decisions open to court challenge. We don't have the best police in the world by standards of efficiency and impartiality. Just as the BBC is now seen to be overpaid and biased so are the police.


Anonymous said...

Isn't this the same Southampton NHS that foisted flouride on the local population after a local vote went more than 70% against this? Isn't it about time these arrogant self-serving (and in the case of Ashya, manipulative, cruel and short-on-truth) bullies remembered who pays their wages?

Eric Edmond said...

Could be. Deputy Chief plod went off the air and it was being spun as a CPS decision. The cps nailed that and made it cleasr plod asked for the EAW. It really lande the Spaniards in a difficult position and the Spanish judge had no option but to wait for all the papers before deciding what to do.
can tell us.

CPS is having an urgent review but how does one rescind a EAW. Perhaps Cur Watson can tell us. Clegg has jumped on the band wagon calling for parents release. I suggest he sends his wife, a Spanish lawyer, post haste to Madrid.

This one will run and run with lots of shit flying everywhere.

Anonymous said...

There is a number 10 e-petition you can sign to get this reformed

Eric Edmond said...

Its part of the EU acquis commutaire so it will be ignored.