Monday, 6 October 2014

Farage on a par with Milliband with the voters of Heywood Middleton

I give summary results of Ashcroft's latest poll in Heywood & Middleton below:

Which, if any, of the following reasons played a part in your decision  to vote for % and reason

                                                                                  ALL  Con voters Lab voters UKIP voters

They have the best policies on issues I care about   79            84               78          77
The party I’d like to win the next general election    70           81                80         57
The party that has the best candidate locally             46          43                53         36
The party that has the best leader nationally            43          73                39         41

(All i presume is the 3 column weighted average)

UKIP scores as well as Labour on policy with its voters and slightly behind the Tory voter. I conclude the  UKIP policies are as popular with their voters as main party policies are with their supporters.

Its even stevens, 80% each, as voters wanting their party to win. UKIP supporters are  clearly not as keen on a UKIP government. Why?

The answer is clearly that UKIP and Labour voters are not that keen on their leader becoming PM. I opine that is because Milliband is seen as 'weird' and Farage is not popular with women voters who make up over half the UKIP numbers.

Cameron is seen as the most prime ministerial scarcely surprising as he is in office and for all Farage's efforts to appear normal, pub, beer, fags etc its not working 100%. The women don't like him!

That UKIP's candidate does not go down welll with the faithful is not surprising given he has been hawked around a couple of North West constituencies previously.

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