Friday, 3 October 2014

Suzanne Evans fails the Portaloo test

She was on This Week last night and was caught out by the very clever Portillo and even the less clever Tom Watson. It was no contest between choo-choo Portillo a former cabinet minister and student of Starkey's at Cambridge and an ex-Tory local councillor. Ms Evans appears to be a presentable well spoken woman but she is clearly not clever enough to take on Portillo and no where near precise enough in her use of language.

She kept referring back to Wislon's 'fixed' as she put it  1975 referendum. Her imprecision was seized upon by Portillo and Watson whilst the LibDem lady tittered at LaEvans discomfort. She spoke as if talking to Farage in the pub. That's OK for UKIP meetings and rallies but comes unstuck when dealing with the well informed like Andrew Neil. Her moan about the financial imbalance in 1975 fell on deaf ears. That's politics ducky. You won't change it and if you don't like it you should not have joined.

Her charm also did not work on the others. Her joke about if you went to bed with either Cam or Milliband you would wake up with Juncker was too obvious a prepared line and fell a bit flat.She is just  too much the second division ex-Tory and in my personal opinion lacks the freshness of Diane James, UKIPs other leading lady.

Still it could have been worse. Thank goodness it was not Jill Seymour or Lisa Duffy!

There are now 6 UKIP women MEPs. Clearly UKIP are going for the wimmin's vote. Their big problem in doing that is women see through Farage. His bloke in the pub with a pint and a fag outside just does not appeal to the ladies. The rest of UKIP's leading males are hardly the answer to a maiden's or ex-Tory ladiies  prayer. Time to bow out Mr F. Take a leaf out of Alex Salmond's book and let Mrs James or Ms Evans be leader. UKIP will have a much better chance in 2015 with a female lead after all more than half the voters are women!

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Mike Bridgeman said...

I have to disagree Eric, not the time at all for NF to bow out.
A few months away from an election with a couple of by-elections shortly. Need to keep the same man at the helm and await next May's elections when we will see how many MPs Ukip gets and who the holders are.
One of those will get the job-possibly NF if he makes his chosen seat.

Eric Edmond said...

I take your point Mike. You ould be correct. I still think back to how close Mrs James was in Eastleigh. She appeals to the parts Farage cannot reach.

Edward Spalton said...

This sort of thing is bound to happen until the new intake become interview savvy . Give 'em a chance!

Incidentally I was rather impressed with the grasp of some of the less prominent speakers at the UKIP conference. I know a little about agricultures and Stuart Agnew ( who is a farmer) seemed to hit it just right, recognising the limits which theWTO places on methods of agricultural support.

From my position outside UKIP, I agree with Mike. Farage does enthuse the troops and works hard at it. They would be understandably demoralised if he suddenly disappeared

Eric Edmond said...

I understand what you say Mr Spalton that the troops love Farage do the female electorate?

Eric Edmond said...

Also I think Ms Evans has been round the block a few times with the Tories so she is no ingenue.

Niall Warry said...

I too saw the programme and it is clear Mrs Evans will not stand up to close scrutiny on policy matters.

Andrew Neil could have crucified her as she said she wants a referendum but didn't fancy the Tory offer so how exactly will she get us one??

Eric Edmond said...

Yes it was all a bit embarassing and A Neil does no like kicking soft targets.

As I know yu take a great interest in these matters I think you will be facing another Scottish referendum inside 10 years. Remember Valley Forge.

Niall Warry said...

There would be no need for an independent Scotland IF the UK adopted the six demands of The Harrogate Agenda as the Scottish people would get all the power they need to keep them happy as would the rest of the UK.

Scotland the country doesn't really need independence as it is the Scottish people who really yearn the real power to have their voice heard and wishes implemented.

The people, first and foremost, need to be sovereign.

The Harrogate Agenda would give them that as it would the rest of the UK.

Eric Edmond said...

Read the declaration of Arbroath 1320 Major. It was the basis for the US declaration of independence.

Niall Warry said...

That was then and this is now and The Harrogate Agenda making the people of the UK sovereign is a must if we are to obtain real democracy.

An independent Scotland without the people being sovereign would be subject to the whim of the likes of Nicola and Alex and I won't wish that on my worse enemy!

You would benefit from reading THA pamphlet. When we next meet I'll give you a copy.

Eric Edmond said...

Come on Major! Worse than NF and Annabelle/ Surely not

Niall Warry said...

Believe this or believe this not I genuinely believe that Alex and Nicola would have been as bad for Scotland as Nigel and the likes of Annabelle would be for the UK.

Eric Edmond said...

Far be it from me Major to come between you and your predjudices. If UKIP or Harrogate could muster 10% of Alex and Nicola's political skill you would triumph at the polls and become our greatest and only soldier statesman since Arthur Wellesley.

Niall Warry said...

I have never doubted Alex and Nicola's political skills I just say they are in for themselves and NO different to the rest.

Your love for them seems to stem from the fact they are Scottish and didn't go to Eton!!!!