Thursday, 16 October 2014

Farage's EP Euro group breaks up

I quote from today's EU Observer

The unusual attention for the obscure Latvian MEP, Iveta Grigule, was due to the fact that earlier that day, Grigule resigned from the eurosceptic Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy (EFDD) group, which led to the break-up of the faction.
Any EP group needs to have a minimum of 25 members from at least seven different countries. The EFDD, formed mostly of members of the UK Independence Party and Italy's Five Star Movement, had scraped together one MEP from the Czech Republic, France and Latvia, and two MEPs each from Lithuania and Sweden.
A meeting of political leaders chaired by EP president Martin Schulz on Thursday took note of the group breakup following Grigule's resignation.
In a press statement, EFDD claimed Grigule was "blackmailed" by the leaders of the two largest groups - the centre-right European People's Party and the Social-Democrats - in order to get the chairmanship of the EP-Kazakhstan delegation.
"Concerning her resignation, Ms Grigule told the secretary general of the EFDD group that 'I had to do it to get elected'," the EFDD statement reads"

This is seriously bad news for Farage, money and staff lost,
According to EP sources, the pro-Russia stance of Ukip leader Nigel Farage may have played a role in the Latvian's decision, whose party, the Latvian Farmers' Union, is in government coalition talks back home.
"In Latvia, there is no left or right, there are only pro-Russia and anti-Russia parties," an EP source quipped.
With the loss of his group, Farage, who recently said that migrants to the UK should be tested for HIV, will lose speaking time, a seat in political leaders' meetings and millions in funding money allocated to groups. In 2013, his group received €2.6 million.
But while many pro-EU politicians openly applaud the breakup of "Farage's group", they also worry that this will spur once again the French far right leader, Marine Le Pen, into having another go at forming a group of her own.
Back in the summer, Le Pen failed to gather MEPs from enough countries because Farage beat her to it.
So Farage loses his front row seat where he can grandstand and abuse the EU crats but it does show Farage's huge weakness of making statements on the hoof. The Latvians suffered terribly under the Russians from 1940 until the breakup of the Soviet Union. It was crass and so typical of Farage to make all these pro Russian statements which so upset his Latvian allies.
Does anyone still think this man has the political skills needed to get us an in/out EU referendum. He is no Alex Salmond. He is just a beer fueled, fag smoking rabble rouser that will never get women's votes. Time for man overboard on the SS UKIP.
and from East Asia via Gudio Fawkes

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An oriental co-conspirator points out that PUKI is Filipino for vagina… 
Just reported today Monday 20th Oct Farage has recruited a Polish MEP to give him the seven differebt bationalities and get him back on the gravy train! 


The Double Event said...

Farage's loathsome stance as an apologist for Putin may well have been a factor in the Latvian's departure, that's for sure, but his idiotic (and oh so typical) chasing after tinpot EU positions was the direct trigger. Just a day before the EFDD's collapse, Il Duce was moaning that his group had been frozen out of its push to get the chairmanship of the EU Parliament's Delegation to the Pan-African Parliament. What in heaven's name was a group headed by the leader of UKIP doing, trying to secure this post, whereby it would be the EU Parliament's official mouthpiece in relations with another dubious pan-national body? What it could achieve by that, other than frequent taxpayer funded jollies to Cape Town or Marrakesh or wherever, all just to promote and legitimise the EU? The Latvian lady's manoeuvres were an extension of this process, as she sought the chairmanship of the equally worthwhile EU Parliament delegation to Kazhakstan. Yes, she fell for the other groups' blandishments, but those blandishments would never have been set before her if the EFDD hadn't set out so thirstily in search of one of these tinpot delegations in the first place. So Farage and the EFDD only have themselves and this thirst to blame for their subsequent predicament and I've got absolutely zero sympathy for the hypocritical fools.

The Double Event said...

Of course, this weekend we are getting reports that Farage isn't going down without a desperate fight to hang on to his tinpot EU empire. No surprise there, but it's worth closer inspection. First, we have the news in the English language media that a German oddball called Sonneborn might ride to Il Duce's rescue. Unfortunately for Our Nige, Herr Sonneborn has a few skeletons in his closet, having caused great offence a couple of years ago by blacking up for his election posters.
Meanwhile in Italy, Farage's other comedy friend Grillo and his 5 Star Movement have been telling the media they are trying to keep the EFDD alive by opening discussions with non-attached MEPs from Holland, Austria, Poland and Hungary. A trawl of the MEP lists tells us that these are, respectively, Gert Wilders' party, the Freedom Party of the late Jorg Haider, a Polish party whose leader says women shouldn't have the vote and, Lord help us, the violent and neo-Nazi Hungarian Jobbik party. These are the levels to which Farage is now prepared in his desperation to stoop.

The Double Event said...

One more thing, on a lighter note.

Re the Filipino word for "vagina", "Puki", there are also references on the internet to the corresponding word for "vagina" in Malay.... "Faraj".

It would seem that people all around the vicinity of the South China Sea can be in no doubt that the man is what many of us further north have known him to be for some time.

Eric Edmond said...

Double Event, Alan Sked, me and many others opposed sending UKIP MEPs to Strasbourg. I wanted us to follow the IRA line. Nobody ever accused Gerry Adams of not representing his voters by not going to Westminster, the house of fools.

Eric Edmond said...

20th Oct Polish MEP recruited so NF is back on the gravy train!

The Double Event said...

Yes indeed, Dr Edmond, and as predicted it is an MEP from the party whose leader Korwin-Mikke says women shouldn't have the vote. You yourself have ably pointed out, as have others, that Farage has a problem attracting women voters and wow, this is really going to help.
As if that's not bad enough, it turns out that his new buddy's party leader has also made some charming observations on the subject of rape. On live TV, he said "Rape? What is rape? Women are always pretending that they are showing some resistance and this is normal." What a delightful individual - and there's more. Farage's new buddy's party leader also caused offence by repeated use of the N-word during a recent European Parliament meeting.
The Polish media is reporting today that Farage was well aware of Korwin-Mikke's background when trying to put his new group together in June and had deliberately excluded the party because of the controversy it would arouse in the UK, but now it seems he's so desperate to preserve his tinpot EU empire that he cast all those considerations aside and hurriedly sent an emissary to Warsaw over the weekend to cobble together a grubby deal. The Polish media hasn't identified that emissary but surely ordinary UKIP members deserve to know.
It seems that quite deliberately only one MEP from Korwin-Mikke's party and not Korwin-Mikke himself has joined the EFDD in an attempt to sidestep controversy. But according to Polish media, another of Korwin-Mikke's MEPs, a chap called Michal Marusik, has let the cat out of the bag, disclosing "We are trying to create our own group, and if Farage wants to keep his, he has enough people to help us."
It really seems Il Duce has slithered down to a cynical new low.

The Double Event said...

And now it is being reported that the MEP who has joined the Farage Empire, Iwaskiewicz, has form of his own when it comes to disgraceful views about women. When asked in May bwhether it is acceptable for men to hit their wives, he replied “I’m sure there’s quite a few wives around who would be brought back down to earth by such a reaction”.
This is now being reported in the English language media in the form of the EU Observer in Brussels, in a story headlined "Far-right Polish MEP saves Farage group". That is ominous news for Farage as it signals he is not going to get away with slipping all this through below the radar of the anglophone media as has usually been the case previously, and as he was probably banking upon this time too. In the process, the EU Observer has also picked up on the comments by Marusik, reporting that they have sparked "speculation Farage might help KNP form a new far-right group by giving it some EFDD members in return".
"So what, Brussels-based europhiles" will no doubt be the response of the Farage Cult followers in their usual game of Shoot The Messenger, but they should know that the EU Observer was the baby of Farage's old Brussels ally Jens-Peter Bonde and was built up through generous funding from the EFDD's predecessor group, the Independence & Democracy Group or Ind Dems, of which Farage and Bonde were co-presidents. So it's directly thanks to Farage's cynical Brussels manoeuvrings that such a Europhile mouthpiece is now in a position to cause him trouble over his, er, cynical Brussels manoeuvrings. You reap what you sow, as they say.