Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Farage's new EFD Polish recruit advocates wife beating

Farage has little appeal to women voters in the UK. To find he has just gone out and recruited a Polish MEP who advocates wife beating in some circumstances will do nothing to enhance his appeal to women voters of the UK. I quote from the euobserver the words of Mr Robert Iwaszkiewicz, Faragges new recruit from Poland’s far-right KNP party:

'Iwaszkiewicz himself, a 52-year old entrepreneur, was in May asked by Polish daily Gazeta Wroclawska whether it is acceptable for men to hit their wives. “I’m sure there’s quite a few wives around who would be brought back down to earth by such a reaction”, he replied.'

The KNP party was rejected by Marine LePen as a parliament partner because it was too extreme and racist!

Nuttall was on today's Daily Politics claiming Iwaskiewicz was joining the EFD group in a personal capacity. Hermann Kelly, an EFDD spokesman, said Iwaszkiewicz signed up last Thursday, before the Latvian quit, meaning the group never broke up in the first place. Two quite unbelievable statements.

It all goes to show how far Farage will go to trouser the EU geld plus enhance his front bench speaking rights which he also does in a personal capacity!  

How he appears to British women voters obviously comes low down in Farage's list of priorities but its these women that can put UKIP MPs into Westminser and get us out of the EU! Says a lot about Farage for those who are objective enough to see it.

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PS from the Sun

UK Jews Board of Deputies furious with UKIP: "To choose figure as Robert Iwaszkiewicz as bedfellow, apparently for money, is beyond belief"

No its just Nigel's scale of values!

Women of Britain and Kosher boys Vote Farage in Thannet!

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