Monday, 20 October 2014

Barroso is UKIP's greatest electoral asset

Barroso is what my boyhood hero Biggles would have called a dago but it is Barroso that has been ruling the UK for the last 10 years. Poor old Biggles wil be rotating in his Sopwith Camel in the sky.

I remember when the Treaty of Rome was being negotiated. It was founded on free movement of capital and labour ie people changing country to work not to claim benefits for their children back home. Milton Friedman the great American economist and founder of monetarism pointed out frequently that a welfare state, ie the UK, could not co-exist with an open door immigration policy, ie the EU as we now have it. Did the political elite listen. Of course not, they are the elite and always know best and that is why we are now in the mess we are in having given up our veto on EU rules that damage our country.

The Rome Treaty was designed to prevent another European war between France & Germany with the hidden agenda of France runnng Europe and the Germans being subservient. Its now clear the French cannot run their own country let alone Europe and it is Germany that has had to step in and run the EU in its own right. Dangerous as Germany has got its Prussian military wing back.

We have got into this mess by our suppine political elite not resisting the EU salami slicing approach to taking over our country. The result is a military dwarf that  thinks it is a superpower. The EU cannot defend itself and has to rely on the hated Americans to stop Putin. Chairman Mao in his little Red book wrote that political power grows out of the barrel of a gun but the EU has no guns to stand up to the Red Army that defeated the Wehrmacht in 1943/44. Nevertheless idiots like Barroso and Juncker go on interfering in the Ukraine. The EU will be the cause of the next European conflict not its solution.

Barroso was on Marr yesterday laying down the EU law to us! Gold dust for Biggles Farage and there is no man bettter able to capitalise on this than Farage. Barroso and Juncker are forcing call me Dave into opposing the EU root and branch. Great! Cometh the hour cometh the man and that is starting to look more like Nigel Farage than David Cameron.

Vote Farage in Thannet!


Mike Bridgeman said...

Hi Eric
I thought mentioning Junkers in conjunction with Biggles was a stroke of genius.
Did you know Biggles first appeared in the story "The White Fokker"?
Ah, those carefree days.

Eric Edmond said...


I did not know that. I remember him almost being entrapped by a French lady who was a German agent.

Thx for liking my Junkers reference. That term goes back to Bismark originally,

You are correct Biggles got started against the Fokker triplanes, indded he want technology frozen leaving the Boche with their Tripehounds and te RFC with their Camels.

Anonymous said...