Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Batten's troubles with the Yugoslav lady Jasna Badzak continues

This long running tale has surfaced in Lee Jasper's blog. This is what Google turned up about Mr Jasper

Lee Jasper (born 4 November 1958) is a British race relations activist, and politician who served as Senior Policy Advisor on Equalities to the former Mayor of London[1] Ken Livingstone until he resigned on 4 March 2008, and was the Respect Party's candidate for the Croydon North by-election.[2]

The rest you can read by clicking this Wikepedia link

He seems to have had a varied career on the left wing of politics.

His blog dealing with Ms Badzak you can read by clicking

He seems to be a supporter of Ms Badzak who seems to have worked for Batten as a press officer before falling out with him over a money matter. Its a long story that you can read for yourself and as it is now sub judice (I think!) I don't propse to go into it.

I knew Batten from my days on the NEC and I was not impressed but he was no worse than other UKIP MEPs I had dealings with. I found him a bit spineless especially when opposing Farage. He was always solicting support from me, Del and David but was very relectant o give support to us when he was asked.

I did get the clear impression that Farage wanted him deselected as lead London UKIP MEP candidate but he survived, was relelected and stood against Farage in the post Pearson leadership election. I saw him at the Exeter hustings for that election and he was clearly petrified to be seen talking to me. Since then he has slowly regained the Fuerher's favour and was re-elected this tear as London MEP.

What concerns me is why our UKIP MEPs employ dodgy mid Europeans as assistants in Brussels rather than Brits. They are simply supporting EU aims and ideals. There are plenty of young aspiring British UKIP political activists who would love to be employed in Brussels. Only two days ago the UK press picked up on dear Nigel employing a French woman  Aurelie Laloux, as Ukip’s chief of staff, a very well paid position. Farage and Batten and many other UKIP MEPs have gone native in Brussels for many years well out of sight of HM's press corps. 

Politicians are often in the power of  the people they employ. Batten is now finding this out and he and Farage both deserve anything nasty that comes from employing mid Europeans and not Brits as their assistants.


Anonymous said...

Aurelie used to provide extra services that is why she was employed.

Eric Edmond said...

You might well say that but I could not posssibly confirm.