Thursday, 6 November 2014

Denny deselected as UKIP candidate for Portsmouth South

Douglas Denny was an ardent supporter of the Farage UKIP NEC cabal and was a big factor in getting me kicked off my elected position on UKIP's NEC. He was a fervent admirerer of Bannerman who put together the dodgy dossier to get me kicked off. After me David Abbott, another democraticaly elected member was kicked off and worse Del Young was kicked out of UKIP by Comrade Nuttall, Farage's enforcer at the time.

You can read all about what happened to Denny by clicking link below:

I have no sympathy for Denny. Like many in UKIP he was not prepared to support proper process and democracy in UKIP and face down Farage as long as he was acting against others. Del Young warned Denny that sooner or later the Cabal would come for him and who would he then be able to turn to for support? Answer nobody is now left because Denny helped purge them from the UKIP NEC. His fair weather friend Bannerman, another purger has long time fled back to the Tories from whence he came.

The top of UKIP is now stiff with ex-Tories, everyone another potential Bannerman. The honest decent UKIP supporters who worked so hard over many years to put UKIP in the position it is in now have been sidelined, purged and smeared and the Johnny come lately ex-Tories ushered into lucrative posts as UKIP MEPs.

It will be a disaster for the UK. These ex-Tories will never attract support from Labour voters. They will feather their own nests and disappear  like Andreasen.  All they can do is ensure Milliband will be the next PM by attracting some Tory malcontents, to use Dennny's favourite word,and we will never get a in/out EU referendum. Denny was in Lenin's words a "useful fool"  in facilitating the election of Labour.

Farage only wants his sycophantic followers in UKIP.  Others are not welcome.

Only the SNP can stop Milliband becoming PM!


Edward Spalton said...

When the people we called the Cabal took over UKIP in 2000 - by the defection of Mike Nattras to their camp - the nastiest part of the experience was not the behaviour at HQ but of local activists. People I had worked with closely for five years or more and thought to be pretty decent suddenly showed a different side to their characters.

All sorts of sharp practice and thuggery became prevalent. When I remonstrated that this was no way to do things, they replied " This is politics!" and were actually proud of sharp practice against their own colleagues. Others just kept their heads down because they supported the cause. Some three hundred real activists left as a result and the Cabal and its friends could only parrot " Good riddance!".

I hung on for another six months hoping " Things can only get better" but they didn't!

Eric Edmond said...

It all comes from the top man. Denny was forever describing any who disagreed with Farage as 'malcontents'. My local party actually sought a meeting with Farage following my Bannerman orchestrated expulsion from the NEC. I was not present. The meeting took place at Lexdrum house and lasted over one hour. The local party members who knew me still talk to me and we still have an occasional meal together but they have all been pushed out by Farage supporters Dorothy Baker and Steph McAndrew and a whole lot of new faces installed. Like you I am glad to be out of it.