Saturday, 8 November 2014

O'Flynn loves Nigel but for how long?

Farage has a long track record of losing MEPs I expect this to continue with the mainly mediocre 2014 elected UKIP MEPs. I can see no reason things will be any dfifferent this time round indeed the process has probably started with his alliance with  Polish MEP and holocaust denier  Robert Iwaszkiewicz to get his hands on more EU money. Understandably the Board of Deputies of British Jews is upset about this man's views..

UKIP has gained a couple of good MEPs in Patrick O'Flynn and Steven Woolfe. The old guard Nuttall, Agnew, Legge etc however come into the mediocre Farage worshipping category.

I was therefore interested to read an interview O'Flynn gave this week to James Forsyth of the Spectator, click below to read it.

Like me, until I was not allowed back in, O'Flynn has never been a member of any political party before UKIP. This is a big plus point given the almost total dominance of dodgy ex-Tories now occupying UKIP's top slots.

He is saying all the things Farage loves to hear about himself, a genius, a strong leader with strong views, a loyalist. Its all very flattering and plays on Farage's huge weakness in that area including the old Farage chesnut, professionalising the party. The truth is Farage has to do very little at this stage as the fruit is falling into his lap. Indeed I would argue that apppearing unprofessional like BoJo plays very well right now with the voters.

He is warning off Carswell from trying to usurp Farage in articulating UKIP policy. UKIP only has room for one leading man is the quote. I do not think this can hold once Reckless gets back to Westminster. As Forsyth points out a parties' ploicy is determined by how its MPs vote in Westminster and Farage can do nothing about how UKIP MPs vote. Such votes are all recorded and are kept in the House of Commons library for future reference.

At the same time O'Flynn is distancing himself from Farage on the Polish fascist alliance and the UKIP calypso.

He also articulates some good ideas of his own that I have often put forward myself. His distrust of the views of large corporations. I agree. In City parlance they are talking their book but are given huge uncritical publicity by our Brussels Broadcasting Corporation. I also very much agree with his view that winning Westminster seats is far more important than getting a referendum which will be easy for HMG to manipulate.

He clearly has leadership ambitions, He says,"I would only stand if people convinced me I was the best person to take things on". Thats pure Jim Hacker! I doubt O'Flynn will take much convincing post the May General Election!

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