Monday, 10 November 2014

Divorce breaks out amongst UKIP MEPs

There is nothing the tabloids like better than a good spicy political divorce. UKIP I understand are going to serve up not one but two in the coming year! Will it measure up to NF's lap dancer adventures? Time will tell but it will certainly take the heat of tabloid scrutiny of Farage's extra mural activities and it keep UKIP in the headlines. All publicity is good publicity. Keep it up chaps or maybe keep it down.

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Farage can't half pick them!

Farage takes over TV palace. Guido writes

Guido can reveal that a donor has gifted the party access to space in 4 Millbank for the party press operation in the run up to 2015.
4 Millbank is also home to the BBC, Sky News and ITV’s Westminster operations
It seems Farage decides he likes it so much on TV, he wants to live there.

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