Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Potential UKIP scandals on the increase.

In the good old days the Tories had sex scandals and Labour money scandals to keep the tabloid scribblers in a job but UKIP seem to have both! Well I suppose that enables them to compete on an equal footing in Labour and Tory seats.

Looking back at my recent scribblings there is the tale of Mr Batten & Ms Badzak. That must come into the money dispute area when and if it comes to court. It will then be widely reported and has the potential, as all these cases do, to damage UKIP's election efforts in 2015. Batten has worked hard for UKIP over many years and has a lot in common with UKIP's rank and file. The worst that can be said of Gerard is that he has shown poor judgement.

If you click on the links I gave in yesterday's blog you can read of the reported probable forthcoming divorce cases of Helmer and Legge. Both are likely to figure in some salacious tabloid reports. I have great sympathy with their wives but if you choose to go into public life and accept the EU's Euro then you must accept you will be held to higher standards than Joe Public and if you fall short you are fair game for the tabloids.

I have never regarded either of these men as worthy of being UKIP MEPs. I have met both and neither have anything in common with the ordinary membership of UKIP. The struck me as high Tories and in UKIP because there is less competition for elected ofice candidacy in UKIP than there is in the Tory party. Also the Tories have a strong tradition of local party democracy which the Cabal have stamped out in UKIP. In short, secure Farage's favour and you are in but in the Tories you have to satisfy a selection committee held in the open with minutes taken. Nigel seems not to like minutes or emails indeed even the NEC never saw any minutes of his de facto decision making political committee.

Both Helmer and Legge were  endorsed by Farage as suitable candidates which made it very certain that the membership would 'select'  these men as the UKIP candidate in their region.

Farage of course comes into both camps with the Ashford call centre runours and tales of Latvian pole dancers.

Homosexuals, both male and female, have been well represented in political life for many years but now are able to come out publically without fear of damaging their political careers. They are still hostage to their hormones as heterosexuals are. There are homosexual bars and clibs catering for their tastes just as many clubs and bars cater for heterosexual taste. The tabloids target both types of clubs/bars with their snappers on hand when tipped off that a figure in public life is there. UKIP take note its not just heterosexuals who can be the subject of kiss and tell stories. I expect however the more damaging kiss and tell UKIP stories to be of a heterosexual nature.

A good quote from Guido today

 As Tom Watson once said, if you can’t take a kicking from Guido, then you don’t deserve to be in politics…

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