Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Steven Woolf does well on today's Daily Politics

Steven Woolf, UKIP's immigration spokesman, did an excellent job rebutting the incoherent views of Tory woman Leadsom and Labour woman Reynolds. He was clear, balanced and sympathetic to EU immmigrants who have put down roots in the UK

Reynolds is flogging the phrase, "let me be absoluely clear", to death. She of course means the opposite. Leadsom is a ghastly tribal Tory woman Dave would be well shot off.

Today's PMQs is the usual waste of time with Cameron doing his Flashman act and Milliband his Mr Bean performance. If you want to see where tribalism leads watch PMQs.

The Daily Mail online has the best political story

Three more Conservative MPs poll their voters on leaving the EU... just like Reckless and Carswell did before defecting to Ukip

  • Peter Bone, Philip Hollobone and Martin Vickers carrying out local ballots
  • They are canvassing constituents on whether Britain should leave the EU
  • Douglas Carswell and Mark Reckless carried out polls before defecting
  • All three deny they are planning to leave the Conservatives for Ukip

They using the same leaflets as Reckless. Will they jump? Wait & see.

UKIP must attack on the repatriation issue. If the UK leaves the EU will the EU seek to deport UK citizens currently living, working retired in the EU?. This scare has been run many times by the Europhile political elite. UK citizens deserve an answer from Juncker etc


Anonymous said...

I saw that. Andrea Ledstrom called it an incoherent answer and when challenged by Andrew Neil went completely incoherent herself - and along the way said that she assumed that UKIP would seek to stay within the single market which I don't think I've ever heard anyone say before.

Oh and Steven Woolf said they'd exit via Article 50 which although sensible I didn't think was policy either. Doesn't some UKIP high up's call Art. 50 a 'trap'?

Eric Edmond said...

UKIPs high upsdon't know their arse from their elbow

The Double Event said...

Or surely in this case, Eric, their Art 50 from their elbow.

Eric Edmond said...

I stand corrected DE

Edward Spalton said...

Actually Nigel Farage is on record as in favour of using Article 50 but added a rider " as long as the EU plays fair" or words to that effect.. It is in rather a good DVD called
" The Norway Option" and the occasion was a Bruges Group meeting last year,.