Monday, 17 November 2014

UKIP Cabal moves to remove O'Flynn as UKIP economics spokesman

Patrick O'Flynn, Carswell and Reckless are easily the ablest members of UKIP's new intake. They far outshine the Fuerher and his sycophants like Nuttall so it comes as no surprise to me to find rumours now afoot to remove O'Flynn as UKIP's economics spokesman following his interview on Newsnight where he was so frequently interrupted by Evan Davis that we heard more of Davis's BBC pro EU line than we heard of O'Flynn's views on the unhealthy cosy relationship between big business and the EU. Click below to see it for yourself:

In the interview he called for higher taxes on big business which hides its profits in Junckerland tax avoidance schemes. You can read the wrath of UKIP's Colonel Blimps on this patently decent suggestion by clicking below

I cannot resist a couple of quotes from this piece:

"He really does need to shut up with all talk of aggressive tax avoidance and bashing big business... It's a real mistake to have a pinko in such an important position."

Pinko, now  that is unfortunately the authentic voice of UKIP!

"O'Flynn is widely seen as the standard bearer of the left of UKIP leading to “mutterings” against him. ... the “Wag Tax” and caused so much embarrassment that Nigel Farage personally ticked off O'Flynn, and publicly distanced himself from the policy."

It did not take Farage long to fall out with O'Flynn as I previously opined.

Oborne has written today defending O'Flynn in a DT  piece entitled:

Firing Patrick O'Flynn would signal the start of Ukip's slide back into fringe insignificance

The contradictions between Ukip's Left and the Right threaten to tear the party apart.

click below to read Oborne's piece

O'Flynn had spoken of his ideas in his UKIP conference speech 6 weeks previously. Again I quote from Oborne

"There are two key elements of Mr O’Flynn’s speech. On the one hand, Mr O’Flynn advocated sharply raising income tax thresholds, so that middle earners did not come into the top rate of tax. This idea was promptly copied by David Cameron in his speech in Manchester the following week. Mr O’Flynn’s second idea was a tax on luxury goods, the so-called “Wag tax”. However, Ukip’s Right wing got hold of Nigel Farage immediately after Mr O’Flynn’s speech and forced the Ukip leader to distance himself from his economic spokesman."

"Mr O’Flynn’s emergence as a senior figure within the party has coincided with an exponential growth of party support amongst working-class voters, especially in the Midlands and the North."

There is now no doubt in my mind that Farage has to go as leader for UKIP to move on to real general election success. He is not up to it and his past is rapidly catching up with him. O'Flynn and Mras James are clean skins. They are UKIP's future. Farage is its past so take your seat on the red leather Nigel and depart and leave it to more able men and women than you to lead UKIP on to greater heights.

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